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Hey there,

My name is Georgi Dimitrov Georgiev and I'm a 29 years old Free Software enthusiast, hobbyist Presently my competences are into the field of System administration. I am also a devoted Orthodox Christian. With a deep interests into religion in general and in Christianity in particular. I am a big fan of all kind of Unix like systems like: GNU/Linux, FreeBSD,DOS and other various obscure computing. I'm also interested into philosophy and business administration. My hobbies include playing old arcade games, trips to a new places, preferably nature filled places, Mountain, Waterfalls, Woods etc. In my free time I also like watching movies: Mostly spiritual movies, or movies with a deeper meaning.Currently I am a student in Arnhem Business School in the stream of HRQM (Human Resources and Quality Management) nowadays known as IBS (International Business Studies).
Here in my blog you'll find mostly stuff about my unix/linux adventures and other geek tech adventures, personal life, thoughts on life, religion, christianity, philosophy and art. To know a bit more about my professional comptenences and work experiense please see my CV

Wish you Best in your life question and Thanks for dropping by!

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