Firefox Download Day

Looks like the guys from Mozilla foundation are trying to set a new guiness record.They’re striving to win a record for the most software downloads for 24 h until today.Everybody willing to participate please follow this link .Today we went out with Niki to the bookstore and he bought a book for Linux. Later I worked at home and in the afternoon I went to aunt Zlatina and Ivailo’s furniture shop I told them I have to buy a new sport shoes because my old ones are torning apart and they directed me to a very cheap shop which is importing there there commodity directly from china (Phenix), I went to Bino’s home and we went together to that shop I bought a short trousers for 3 EU, sports shoes for 9.25 EU and a really nice t-shirt (a green one 🙂 for 1.30 EU. Later in the evening we went to Niki because he wanted to help him something about his Ubuntu Linux. It happened that after upgrade from 7.10 -> 8.04 his mplayer no longer functioned. I tried changing the audio output, I tried a lot of things but all of them without success I wasn’t able to make his mplayer work correctly. I suggested Niki to install something which is closer to Debian. Because I personally am a fan of Debian and dislike Ubuntu in general. We downloaded sidux and burned it to a cd, but unfortunately it didn’t booted.For all that didn’t know sidux is a project (debian derivative) which is trying to fix the Debian famous problems with the long release cycles. Basicly sidux is better tested debian testing/unstable. Well that’s mostly how my day passed.END—–

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