How to add Search field back to Thunderbird / Icedove 3.0 / Missing Search in Thunderbird fix

After my last package upgrade from Debian Testing/Unstable to Debian Squeeze, my Icedove (e.g. Thunderbird) got also updated.
The new version which substituted the last one is 3.0.11.
Immediately after installation I was offered to migrate the way my Thunderbird looks, whether the new look wasn’t very intuitive to me and therefore I decided to stick back to the old Thunderbird versions interface.
As I’ve closed the Migration Assistant, after selecting to use the old settings, a bit laters I suddenly realized my Thunderbird Search bar has disappeared!

That’s a big shit especially, when I take the fact that I have about 5 mailboxes configured and I do regular searches for some data which I need in my mailboxes.
I did a lot of searching online for a solution to the issue, but it doesn’t helps at all, even I took the time to ask in , #thunderbird but noone there answered my question.

I therefore came to the good old method of try and fail. After a bunch of digging through the Thunderbird menus I accidently found a way to restore back my Search bar field.

Here is how;
As the newer versions of Thunderbird is equipped with The Thunderbird Migration Assistant , the migration assistant provides you with few configurable options which can help you move on your thunderbird interface to the newer look and feel (as I earlier said).
What is interesting here that the so called New Toolbar options when disabled does suddenly also remove the mail client’s Search interface.

Therefore to fix my missing Thunderbird search bar, here is what I did:
1. Click over:

Help -> Migration Assistant
2. From the migration assitant go and click over use new toolbar

Navigation Assistant -> use new toolbar

Now thanks God the Thunderbird Message Search will appear back in Icedove’s toolbar.

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