Hey Marco,   Thanks for the hint about renice and nice, that’s …

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Hey Marco,


Thanks for the hint about renice and nice, that’s pretty adequate.




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Linux: GNOME Flashback missing Desktop Icons fix – Hack to add desktop icons via gnome-shell in GNOME 3.28 onwards

Another thing that you might experience is missing menus indicator in Systray applet (for example after upgrading from Debian Stretch to Buster, I've experienced a missing menu for shut down

In order to get back the missing systray icons execute:

dconf reset -f /org/gnome/gnome-panel/
killall gnome-panel
gnome-panel &

Email Linux alternative text console clients to Thunderbird, fetchmail, Mutt, fetchmail + Alpine how to

Another 2 text email clients with ncurses console interface you might want to check are not much and sup.

Not much

Not much mail” is a fast, powerful, global-search and tag-based email system that you can use in your Linux text editors or terminal. Its development was highly influenced by Sup, and it offers performance enhancement to several Sup features.

It is not much of an email client, therefore, it does not receive emails or send messages but simply allows users to search quickly through a collection of emails. You can think of it as a library interface to extend an email program for fast, global and tag-based email searching functionality.

Not much has the following notable features:

  1. Does not support IMAP or POP3 protocols
  2. No mail composer
  3. Supports tags and fast search
  4. No user interface
  5. Uses Xapian to perform its major task, hence “not much”
  6. Supports several command-line utilities, email clients and wrappers for Emacs, vim text editors
  7. Also supports Mutt integration script



Sup is a console-based email client that enables users to deal with a lot of email. When you run Sup, it presents a list of threads with multiple tags attached, each thread is a hierarchical assortment of messages.

Sup has got some exciting features and these include:

  1. Can handle so much email
  2. Supports fast full-text message search
  3. Supports automatic contact list management
  4. Handles emails from several source including mbox and maildir
  5. Easily search through entire email store
  6. Supports gpg for privacy functionality
  7. Supports management of multiple email accounts

Resume sftp / scp cancelled (interrupted) network transfer – Continue (large) partially downloaded files on Linux / Windows

Hey Maybe,

Create new 🙂



How to fix clock on Slackware / Slackware and this old incorrect BIOS time troubles

Hi John,

You can always use ntpd to synchronize time, be it either by loading it in /etc/rc.local or doing it via a cron job.
timeconfig was a script that was able to correct system time in the past, i’m not actively using slackware but I believe
if the script is still there you can tune time with it.

By system clock I mean the clock that is being reported by Linux kernel bios. Slackware is a hardcore fans distro and not for everyone.
To use it you have to be ready for a lot of inconvenience. Otherwise just use Ubuntu or Mint and I think you will not experience the system time issues.
I have to also say my general opinion nowadays is GNU / Linux is following a wrong path and is becoming more and more messy.

Wish you Best,

Being Orthodox Christian in the Netherlands or how to regularly attend Orthodox Christian Holy Liturgy while living in Arnhem, The Netherlands

Hi Anastasia,
Yes the church share the same address, I’m not in Netherlands currently but maybe, we’ll meet there or somewhere some day.
At best case hopefully in heaven 🙂

Best and Regards to the brothers and sisters, from Georgi from Bulgaria 🙂

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