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Thanks Torsten!

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How to fix clock on Slackware / Slackware and this old incorrect BIOS time troubles

Hi John,

You can always use ntpd to synchronize time, be it either by loading it in /etc/rc.local or doing it via a cron job.
timeconfig was a script that was able to correct system time in the past, i’m not actively using slackware but I believe
if the script is still there you can tune time with it.

By system clock I mean the clock that is being reported by Linux kernel bios. Slackware is a hardcore fans distro and not for everyone.
To use it you have to be ready for a lot of inconvenience. Otherwise just use Ubuntu or Mint and I think you will not experience the system time issues.
I have to also say my general opinion nowadays is GNU / Linux is following a wrong path and is becoming more and more messy.

Wish you Best,

Being Orthodox Christian in the Netherlands or how to regularly attend Orthodox Christian Holy Liturgy while living in Arnhem, The Netherlands

Hi Anastasia,
Yes the church share the same address, I’m not in Netherlands currently but maybe, we’ll meet there or somewhere some day.
At best case hopefully in heaven 🙂

Best and Regards to the brothers and sisters, from Georgi from Bulgaria 🙂

WordPress Plugins to monitor and debug WP enabled plugins – Find Errors / Warnings and Remove WP problematic plugins slowing down your Website (blog) database

Thanks for the good hint Lorenz.

Wish you best,


How to change Debian GNU / Linux console (tty) language to Bulgarian or Russian Language

Another way to change your complete system language is to run command:

dpkg-reconfigure locales

Besides choosing what locales to be added to system, you'll have the option to also set the preferred system wide locale, just choose the locale of your home country and you're done.


Browse the web graphically in text console TTYs with w3m-img and links2 on Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and CentOS Linux

The really cool things about graphic links in console use is it can be used for viewing pictures, because nowadays it is pretty hard to make svgalib work on Debian and zgv is no longer available in Debian repositories.


To view pictures use glinks picturename.{jpg,png,gif), where glinks might be a shell script wrappe file like so – just save a file with such content in /usr/local/bin/glinks, and chmod +x /usr/local/bin/glinks:

links2 -driver fb $1



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