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Check weather forecast from console (terminal) on GNU / Linux and FreeBSD howto

Friday, August 23rd, 2019

how to get weather forecast prognosis from command line text terminal / console on Linux and FreeBSD

Doing everything in Linux console / terminal is a question perhaps every Linux / BSD hacker wants to do as Graphical user interface and using web search or using Graphical Environment plugins is an unneded complexity + googling or duckduckgoing for weather to check your next vacation destination city has been more and more of a terrible experience (for me) as I'm not a big fan of using the OS in a GUI.
In that manner of thoughts, as a Linux console geek and hard core ASCII art fan. I was recently happy to find that  possible to check weather forecast in tty console or Linux terminal in a beautiful ascii art way easily through a Web service – a web application weather forecast service that supports displaying the current and few days in future, weather forecast either in browser as a plain text or from the command line by simply accessing it with your favourite web access / transfer tool such as;
wget / curl or any of your favourite text browser elinks / lynx / w3m or if on *BSDs use fetch command.


Install Curl data transfer tool if it is not already

Wget is installed by default across most Linux distributions and fetch is present by default on BSDs, displaying it in text browser would perhaps be never used but if you decide to give it a try maybe try with elinks (to get colorful output), w3m and lynx will display a black and white results.

In case if you miss curl, install it:

On Debian distro


aptitude install -y curl

or Fedora

yum install -y curl

Of course to use as it is Internet based Weather Forecast service the minimum you need to have is to have Internet connection to your Linux / BSD desktop computer.

Text based Weather Forecast Web App currently supports:

display the current weather as well as a 3-day weather forecast, split into morning, noon, evening and night

  • Temperature is displayed for morning, noon, evening and night (includes temperature range, wind speed and direction, viewing distance, precipitation amount and probability)
  • Provide results for Weather based on City / town / village location
  • Supports display of Moon Phases Forecast in calendar days
  • Supports multilingual names (Bulgarian Phonetic cyrillic / Russian and other exotic UTF-8 encodings such as Chineese and Japanese),  50+ languages are currently supported
  • Has ability for prognosis for hostname (domain) location based on an its IP GeoIP location on the Globe
  • Geographical locations / landmarks such as Lakes / Mountains etc. can be easily queried
  • Query results metrics could be configured, e.g. USCS units or EU and rest of world accepted ones (SI) metric
  • Displayed result could be either in ANSI (if from terminal / console / HTML if queried from browser or in PNG – if needed)


Where could be useful ?

The best applications use, I can think of are for server (shell) / perl scripting automation purposes, it could be useful especially in TOO HOT, TOO, COLD, TOO WET location in Small and Middle sized Data Centers Green Energy (Sun Panel) Parks / Wind Energy situated Linux monitoring hosts to track possible problems of overheats or overcolding of servers due to abnormal excessive temperatures such as the ones we experienced this summer here All across in Europe or in too Cold DC locations such as heat locations Deserts in African Countries, Saudi Arabia or Chukotka or Siberia in Russia.
Other application is as a backup option to other normal Weather report services by PHP or Python scripts that fetch data, from multiple places.
Of course since this is a third party controlled service, the downtime is due to excessive connection requests, the service could get flooded and stopped working, but I guess for any Commercial use, creator Igor Chubin would be happy to sell a specific crafted service for any end user candidates.

Here is few examples of the beautiful returned ASCII art formatted output of

1. Getting a three days Weather Forecast prognosis for city / town location

To get what is current weather in my current city of Living, Sofia Bulgaria just pass the city to the URL address






Default links (Linux) www text browser produces ugly black and white

2. Displaying Weather forecast with wget


wget -O- -q


If you're lazy you can even omit the http:// as wget will look for HyperText Transmission Protocol by itself


wget -O- -q


3. Getting Forecast results for a Tourist Destination

Lets get the weather forecast for the popular tourist Bulgarian destination of the Seven Rila Lakes (near Rila Monastery), situated in the Rila Mountain BG.







4. Display Forecast for a specific server IP

Displaying information on specific server IP address current situated in GeoIP database, of course could be not really true, as the IP could be just a Load Balancer a router that does NAT to some internal DMZ-ed location server, but anyways it is a cool feature.

Lets get information on what is the weather on Google Global's Public DNS server IP so commonly used to guarantee a Windows and Linux Desktop client machines Internet connectivity.

curl Google Public DNS location weather forecast

5. Download PNG image picture from service


Lets say you want to get a 3 days standard Weather forecast for the popular Black Sea Resort town in Bulgaria Pomorie (a beautiful sea city which has even a functioning 5 Monks Monastery Pomorie Monastery situated near sea coast)




–2019-08-22 20:15:51–
Resolving (…
Connecting to (||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 200 OK
Length: 42617 (42K) [image/png]
Saving to: ‘Pomorie.png’

Pomorie.png                                     100%[=======================================================================================================>]  41.62K  –.-KB/s    in 0.07s   

2019-08-22 20:15:52 (586 KB/s) – ‘Pomorie.png’ saved [42617/42617]


Note: The generated .png is again the ASCII art produced by a direct text fetch bug in pic format


6. Displaying Current Moon Phase

If you want to enjoy a text based Moon phase picture through 🙂

wget -O- -q

You can also get a Moon Phase prognosis for a current future date or get a previous date phase



Full Moon Madness !! – Vampires are out beaware and Enjoy the ultra kewl ASCII Colorful Art 🙂

7. Getting help for terminal Waether Forecast results



$ curl


    $ curl          # current location
    $ curl      # weather in the Munich airport

Supported location types:

    /paris                  # city name
    /~Eiffel+tower          # any location
    /Москва                 # Unicode name of any location in any language
    /muc                    # airport code (3 letters)
    /     # domain name
    /94107                  # area codes
    /-78.46,106.79          # GPS coordinates

Special locations:

    /moon                   # Moon phase (add ,+US or ,+France for these cities)
    /moon@2016-10-25        # Moon phase for the date (@2016-10-25)


    m                       # metric (SI) (used by default everywhere except US)
    u                       # USCS (used by default in US)
    M                       # show wind speed in m/s

View options:

    0                       # only current weather
    1                       # current weather + 1 day
    2                       # current weather + 2 days
    A                       # ignore User-Agent and force ANSI output format (terminal)
    F                       # do not show the "Follow" line
    n                       # narrow version (only day and night)
    q                       # quiet version (no "Weather report" text)
    Q                       # superquiet version (no "Weather report", no city name)
    T                       # switch terminal sequences off (no colors)

PNG options:

    /paris.png              # generate a PNG file
    p                       # add frame around the output
    t                       # transparency 150
    transparency=…        # transparency from 0 to 255 (255 = not transparent)

Options can be combined:

    /Paris_0pq.png          # in PNG the file mode are specified after _
    /Rome_0pq_lang=it.png   # long options are separated with underscore


    $ curl
    $ curl
    $ curl -H "Accept-Language: fr"

Supported languages:

    af da de el et fr fa hu id it nb nl pl pt-br ro ru tr uk vi (supported)
    az be bg bs ca cy cs eo es fi ga hi hr hy is ja jv ka kk ko ky lt lv mk ml nl fy nn pt pt-br sk sl sr sr-lat sv sw th te uz zh zu he (in progress)

Special URLs:

    /:help                  # show this page
    /:bash.function         # show recommended bash function wttr()
    /:translation           # show the information about the translators




8. Comparing two cities weather from command line


One useful use of if you plan to travel from Location city A to Location city B is to compare the temperatures with a simple bash one liner script:




diff -Naur <(curl -s ) <(curl -s )



9. Using ansiweather command to get Weather Temperature / Wind / Humidity in one line beuatiful text


If you go and install answeather Linux package


apt-get install –yes ansiweather

You will get a shell script wrapper with ANSI colors and Unicode symbols support. Weather data comes from OpenWeatherMap, this is useful if is not working due to some URL malfunction (due to service is DoS-ed) etc.


ansiweather -l Atina



Lets use ansiweather to print the weather prognosis for upcoming 5 days for near port of Burgas, BG

ansiweather -F -l Burgas



10. Get all Weather current forecast for each Capital in the world

You can download and use this simple plain text file list of All Country Capitals in the World (country-capitals-all-world.txt) with ansiweather and a bash loop to get displayed each and every current day Weather Forecast in the World, here is how:


while read line; do ansiweather -l $line; sleep 3; done < country-capitals-all-world.txt


As you can see some of the very exotic third world capitals does not return data so 'ERROR: Cannot fetch weather data' is returned.

You can also substitute ansiweather with curl$line to do get the beautiful ASCII art 3 days weather forecast via


while read line; do curl$line; sleep 3; done < country-capitals-all-world.txt

I'll be happy to know other nice ASCII Art supporting Web service to enjoy from text terminal on Linux (nomatter useful or) just funny joyful prank maniacal pranks such as Watching text ASCII version remake of Star Wars Classic Movie by simply telnetting to (if you haven't so just telnet and enjoy the streamed ASCIIs ! 🙂






Talking about fun and ASCII, its worthy to mention hollywood Linux package

hipo@jeremiah:~/Desktop$ apt-cache show hollywood|grep -i desc -A 3
Description-en: fill your console with Hollywood melodrama technobabble
 This utility will split your console into a multiple panes of genuine
 technobabble, perfectly suitable for any Hollywood geek melodrama.
 It is particularly suitable on any number of computer consoles in the

Description-md5: 768f44c76220ea2b35f855ea34c8bc35
Section: games
Priority: optional

Once installed on Debian with:

aptitude install -y hollywood

You can get in a rapid manner plenty of tmux (screen like – virtual console emulator) split screen statistics about your notebook / workstation / server CPU usage, mlocate.db status, info about plugged in machine voltage, Speedometer (statistics about Network bandwidth usage), System load avarage (CPU Count, Memory Utilization) and some other random info coming out of dmesg kernel log and more. The information displayed in splitted windows changes rapidly and (assuming you run it at home Desktop with a soundblaster) and not remotely, a james bond Agent 007 soundtrack is played on the back, that brings up one's adrenaline and makes it look even cooler.


To give you an idea what to expect, here is shot of /usr/games/hollywood (the program start binary location) on Debian GNU / Linux running, Enjoy! 🙂

Putty load as default session another session – Save other Putty session configuration to default howto

Thursday, November 29th, 2018


Recently I had to use PuTTY which I haven't used for years to open a number of SSH Pernanent Tunnels necessery for my daily work as a SAP Consultant.

I've saved them under a certain new profile and saved the set SSH Tunnel configuration not in the default Session but in separate named one, therefore had to press Load button every time after clicking over my Putty shortcut icon. 

That was annoying and took few seconds out of my life every next morning for about a week, so finally I found osme time to google it and it seemed it is pretty easy to have any Putty sessoin loaded you like.

Here is how:

1. Create a new Putty Shortcut



Click over Putty icon while holding CTRL + SHIFT (Control SHIFT keys simultaneously ) and move the mouse somewhere on the desktop to create the shortcut.

2. Right click on Putty Shortcut




"C:\Program Files\PuTTY\putty.exe" -load "your_saved_session" "username@your_server_address" -pw "your_password"

fill out "target" field of shortcut using above code (alter to your own properties).
click Apply button.

If you need to pass a user and password from Shortcut itself (which is a bad practice for security but sometimes useful, for not so important Tunnels – for example a tunnel to an Open Proxy), do it by typing in the target field like so:

"C:\Program Files\PuTTY\putty.exe" -load "your_saved_session" "username@your_server_address" -pw "your_password"


And Hooray !!! After that when you click on PuTTy shortcut it loads your session automatically using given username and password.

Baby boomers and Generation X, Y, Z – Generational Marketing and 4 Common personality stereotype traits of people born over the last 60 years

Saturday, August 18th, 2018


Those who are employed in the realm of Social or Internet Marketing definitely have to know the existence of at least 4 different conditional stereotypes, these are Baby Boomers and Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z (Millenials).

According to Socielogist Karl Mannheim (who is among the founding fathers of classical socielogy) – "All members of a generation share a similar collective experience" or in other words people are categorized in generations depending on when they were born.

As stereotypes they're generalization of people born in different periods of time and sharing same or similar traits.
Because of the age and the conditions they grew up and as they share those general spirit of time and age, they tend to be more or less behaving in a similar ways in how they think save / spend money or share some common approach to life choices and attitude towards life and worldview.

But before proceeding to the 4 main cohert provisional stereotypes, its worthy to mention how these four common trait generations came to existence with a little bit of pre-history.

The pre WW I and WW II world situation and the First and Second World War played a pivotal role in forming the social conditions necessery for the development of the baby boomers.

* The depression Era people

Born in period: 1912 – 1921 who came at full maturity around 1930-1939 right in the beginning of WW I (all of whom are already deceased) as of 2018 as a cause of the war uncertainty and the havoc and the war conditions were very conservative, compulsive savers, tried their best to maintain a low debt. They had the mindset (responsibility) to leave some kind of legacy to their children. They were very patriotic, oriented towards work before pleasure, had a great respect for authority and had a strong sense of moral obligation. For all this character traits of this people undoubtfully a key role played the strong belief in God mostly all people had at the time.

The next in line conditional stereotype of people that came to earth are the:

* The World War II Generation

Born in year period: 1922 to 1927 who came to a mature age exactly at the terrible years of Second World War.

People of that time were either fighters for or against the Axis Powers or the Central Powers with the common shared goal to fight against the enemy (of course there are multiple of people who were just trying to survive and not taking a side in this meaningless war).

The current amount of people living are estimated to few million of deathbed elders  worldwide.

As above conditional generations types mentioned are of importance for historical reasons and most of the people belonging to those depression pre WWI and WW II era are dead or just a few millions an overall in un less-consuming age (excluding the medicine consumption which is higher compared to youngsters).

I'll further proceed further with the Baby Boomers, GEN X, Y, Zs who are de-facto the still active members participating to society and economy more or less.


So what are these 4 Stereotypes of Generations that and why are so important for the modern marketers or business manager?


1. BABY BOOMERS also called for a short (Boomers)


These are people who have been defined by a birth year range (period) from early to mid 1940s  until 1960 and 1964.

 In Europe and North America, boomers are widely identified with privilege, as many grew up in a time of widespread government subsidies in post-war housing and education, and increasing affluence.

As a group, baby boomers were considered the wealthiest, most active, and most physically fit generation up to the era in which they arrived, and were amongst the first to grow up genuinely expecting the world to improve with time. They were also the generation that received peak levels of income; they could therefore reap the benefits of abundant levels of food, apparel, retirement programs, and sometimes even "midlife crisis" products. The increased consumerism for this generation has been regularly criticized as excessive (and that's for a good reason).

One feature of the boomers was that they have tended to think of themselves as a special generation, very different from those that had come before or that has come afterward. In the 1960s, as the relatively large numbers of young people became teenagers and young adults, they, and those around them, created a very specific rhetoric around their cohort, and the changes they were bringing about. This rhetoric had an important impact in the self perceptions of the boomers, as well as their tendency to define the world in terms of generations, which was a relatively new phenomenon. The baby boom has been described variously as a "shockwave" and with a methapors such as as "the pig in the python".


2. Generation X / GEN X


Generation X is considered the people born in the following birth year period 1960 forward in time until 1980s. A specific feature in the 60s-80s period was the shifting societal values, perhaps the spring of this generation was also connected to the increasing role and spread of communism in the world.
Sometimes this generation was referred as the "latchkey generation".
The term generation X itself was popularized largely by Douglas Coupland in his novel 1991 novel Generation X Tales for an Accelerated Culture

A very common trait for Generation X was the reduced adult supervision over kids when compared to previous generations a result of increasing divorce rates and the increased role of one parent children upbringing (in most cases that was the mother) which had to be actively involved as a workforce and lacked physically the time to spend enough time with its children and the increased use of childcare options in one parent families.

They were dubbed the "MTV" (Music Television) generation – that was a hit and most popular music TV in the early 1990s.
The kids representing generation X were described as slackers, cynical and disaffected.

The cultural influences dominating the tastes and feelings of the teen masses of that generation was musical genres such as punk music, heavy metal music, grunge and hip-hop and indie films (independent films)  produced outside of the major film studio system.

According to many researches in midtime those generation are described as active, happy and achieving a work-life balance kind of lifestyle.

People belonging to Generation X are described as people with Enterpreneural tendencies.

Just to name a few of the celebrities and successful people who belong to this generation, that's Google's founder Sergey Brinn & Larry Page (born in 1973), Richard Stallman (founder of Free Software movement) as well movie and film producer celebrities such as Georgi Clooney, Lenny Kravitz, Quantin Tarantino, Kevin Smith, David Fincher etc.

According to United Kingdom survey study of 2500+ workers conducted by Workfront, GEN X are found to be among the hardest working employees in today's workforce. They are also ranked high by fellow workers for having a strong work ethics (about 59.5%), being helpful (55.4%) and very skilled (54.5%) of respondents as well marked as the best troubleshooters / problem solvers (41.6%) claimed so.
According to research conducted by Viacom, gen x they have a high desire for flexibility and fulfillment at work.

3. Generation Y (Millenials) – GEN Y


Following Generation X came on earth Genreation Y the birth period dated for this kids were years are stretchy year period that this generation is described are years 1980s – 1990s to yearly 2000s where birth period range of those ppl ends.
This kids are descendants of the GEN X and second wave Baby Boomers.
In the public this generation is referred as "echo boomers".

The Millenials characteristics are different based on the region of birth, they're famous for the increased familiarity with communication, media and digital technologies.


There upbringing was marked by increase in liberal approach to politics.
The Great recession crisis of the 2000s played a major impact on this generation because it has caused historical high levels of un-employment among youngsters and led to a possible long term economic and social damage to this generation.

Gen Y according are less brand loyal and the speed of the Internet has led the cohort to be similarly flexible and changing in its fashion, style consciousness and where
and how it is communicated with.

As I am born in 1983 me and my generation belongs to Generation Y and even though Bulgaria before 1991 was a Communist regime country, I should agree that I and many of my friends share a very similar behavior and way of thinking to the GEN Y stereotype described, but as I was born in a times of transition and Bulgaria as a Soviet Union Satellite at the time has been lacking behind in fashion and international culture due to the communist regime, me and my generation seem to be sharing a lot of common stereotype characteristics with Generation X such as the punk-rock, metal, hip-hop culture MTV culture and partly because of the GEN X like overall view on life.

Among most famous representative successful people of the Millenials generation are Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder), Prince William (the second in line to the British throne), Kim Jong Un (the leader dictator of North Korea) etc.


4. Generation Z ( GEN Z) / iGeneration / Generation Sensible (Post Millenials)


Following Millenials generation is GEN Z, demographers and researchers typically set as a starting birth date period of those generation 1990s and mid 2000s. As of time of writting there is still no clear consensus regarding ending birth years.

This is the so called Internet Generation because this generation used the internet and Smart Mobile Phone technology since a very young age, they are very confortable with technology (kinda of wired) and addicted to social media such as Facebook / Twitter / Instagram etc. Because of the level of digital communication, many people of this generation are more introvert oriented and often have problems expressing themselves freely in groups. Also they tend to lack the physical communication and more digitally community oriented, even though this depends much also on the specific personality and in some cases it is exactly the opposite.


 * Summary

As a Marketer, Human Resources hiring personal specialist, a CEO or some kind of project / business manager it is a good idea to be aware of these 4 common stereotypes. However as this are stereotypes (and a theory) as everything theoritized the data is slighly biased and untrue. The marketer practice shows that whoever conducts a marketing and bases his sales on this theoritizing should consider this to be just one aspect of the marketing campaign those who are trying to sell, stuff ideas or ideology to any of those generation should be careful not to count 100% on the common traits found among the above 4 major groups and consider the individuality of person everyone has and just experiment a little bit to see what works and what doesn't.

Also it should be mentioned these diversification of stereotypes are mostly valid for the US citizens and Westerners but doesn't fully fit to ex-communist countries or countries of the Soviet union, those countries have a slightly different personality traits of person born in any of the year periods defined, same is more or less true for the poor parts of Africa and India, Vietnam, China and mostly all of the coomunist countries ex and current. It should be said that countries who belonged to the Soviet Union many of which are current Russian Federation Republics have a personality traits that are often mixture of the 4 stereotypes and even have a lot of the traits that were typical for the WW I and WW II generations, which makes dealing with this people a very weird experience.

Nomatter the standard error that should always considered when basing a marketing research hypothesis on Generational Marketing (using generational segmentation in marketing best potential customer targets), having a general insight and taking in consideration those stereotypes could seriously help in both marketing as well as HR specific fields like Change Management.


If you're a marketer, I recommend you take a quick look also on following very educative article Generational Makarketing and how to target each of the GEN X, Y, Z and Baby Boomers and what works best for each of them.

Nomatter what just like all Theories, the theory of Boomers and the Generation segmantation is not completely true, but it gives a good soil for reasoning as well definitely helps for people involved in sociology and business.

Comments and feedback on the article are mostly welcome as the topic is very broad and there is much more to be said …

Hope the article was interesting to you ….

What was your Generation like?

How to find out who sniffs out about your Android mobile smart phone

Thursday, November 16th, 2017


Maybe little know about this embedded Android mobile smart phone features but there is a few mobile code cheats that can help you find out a little bit about your phone security, that's pretty handy for anyone who really wants to know whether mobile phone is being sniffed / tapped on Android software level and can give you an idea on how much your smart phone data is protected or are you being a target of someone's secret surveillance, of course this info is just on Android firmware embedded features level and if your mobile is somehow hacked or trojanned the information that can show could be not adequate, but still it is a good info to know. I'm sure you'll be surprised how much embedded Android features are there for the controllers (Google staff) 🙂


1. Information about telephone, battery status and statistics about telephone use


To get information about battery, usage statistics and device.

2. Are Smart Phone Voice / SMS Transfers on?


This combination of numbers and symbols allows you to understand where your mobile is Transferring Calls, SMS-es or other messages. If you type this code and click call the phone screen should show any numbers to which any data is being transferred, if your phone is okay and not tapped you will get a message the phone call transfers and sms transfer is disabled. Always keep in mind that there is a danger for your info / data or even billings to be tapped already as Android is non-free software, so even if that code returns no transfers you're still insecure at the hands of Google's mercy.

3. Where are calls and SMS-es transffered in case if Voice / SMS Transfers are on?


This codes shows where are your input Calls and SMS-es are being transferred once someone is calling you and he is unable to reach you. At best case the inbound calls will be redirected as voice mail format to voice mail box of the number of your mobile operator.

4. Deactivate all kind of Phone Voice / SMS Transfers (Redirects) for security


By inputting above code you can deactivate all kind of redirects, which were prior configured at your mobile phone. The code is universal one and should work not only in Android but across all smart phones including IPhones. It is a recommended one especially if you're planning to travel in foreign country or region due to the roaming phone expenses.

5. Get IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) phone info


Above code provides information about the ID number of the mobile phone th so called IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier). Using the email a mobile phone that has been recently stolen can be easily found, because the device is emitting its IMEI number to the mobile phone operator, nomatter what kind of SIM Card is inserted in the phone.


6. How to protect yourself from criminals and spies?

You can use alternative Messanger  Chat / Voice Clients such as: Telegram, Wickr, Signal or Alternatively run your own Jabber server and use it to securily communicate with your friends and relatives

Do not install an unknown source program to mobile phone, abstain from charging the phone on airports and suspicious free "charging" points, abtain from using any free wifi networks whose owner you don't know personally. Beware while browsing as there are websites that could infect you with javascript viruses and terrible phone malware stuff, to be safe make sure you have some kind of Antivirus software installed on the phone just in case.
Be vigilant!


7. Bigger list of Codes working across some of Android versions providing various phone stats and info (not working on all mobiles but might be working on yours)


Here is a list also with a useful codes for some of Android version releases (this will not work on IPhones)


*4636#*#*Information about statistics of phone, battery, usage

*#*#7780#*#*Nullify phone settings.. Delete only applications.

*2767*3855# – Nullify all settings, reinstall firmware.

*34971539#*#* – Full information about phone camera vendor etc.

*#*#273283*255*663282***Quickly archive media files

*#*#197328640#*#Test mobile service

232339#*#* / *#*#526#*#*Test Wireless (Wi-Fi) netework

*#*#232338#*#*Show Wi-Fi card physical MAC Address

*#*#1472365#*#*Quick GPS test

*#*#1575#*#* Various GPS Tests

*#*#0283#*#* Test mobile Loopback interface

*#*#0*#*#* – Test of liquid-crystals mobile display

*#*#0673#*#* / *#*#0289#*#*An Audio test

*#*#0842#*#* Test vibrations of the background phone lid (lightning)

*2663#*#* Get version of sensor screen

*2664#*#*Test of the sensor screen

* * * *0588#*#*Test distance sensor

* * *3264#*#*Get Installed RAM Version

*#*#232331#*#*Bluetooth Test

*#*#7262626#*#*Test GSM signal

*#*#232337#*#*Show bluetooth address

*#*#8255#*#* – Test Mobile Google Talk service

*#*#1234#*#*Information about firmware

*#*#1111#*#*Version of installed Open Trading software version


How to check about infected files in clamav log files

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

How to check about infected files in clamav log files

I've just run clamav with low priority to check the whole drive of a server for infected files Phpshells and other unwanted script kiddie tools. This was part of my check up if the server is compromised, after yesterday's unexpected cracker break in one of our company servers

# nice -n 19 clamav -r /* -l /var/log/clamav-scan.log

This exact server has about 100 Gigabytes of data all contained on one hard disk partition;, thus check up of all files took a few hours. clamav is relatively slow, compared to DrWeb or nod32. But since I'm not in a hurry plus, we can't afford to spend some extra money to buy AV just for one scan I left it scanning in a separate screen sesion.

clamscan execution put some extra load on the server (which btw is used mainly for processing a multitude of SQL queries and provides some HTTP access to few websites via Apache server. After the scan was completed I ended up with enormous very clamav log file, listing all scanned files:

I checked the file content in vim, but as reviewing 119MB of log line by one! – is unthinkable task, e.g.:

debian:~# du -hsc /var/log/clamav_scan.log
119M /var/log/clamav_scan.log
119M total

I did quick review of clamav_scan.log and tailing it displays me::

# tail -n 10 /var/log/clamav_scan.log
----------- SCAN SUMMARY -----------
Known viruses: 1270572
Engine version: 0.97.3
Scanned directories: 18927
Scanned files: 221445
Infected files: 44
Total errors: 287
Data scanned: 12457.43 MB
Data read: 97007.10 MB (ratio 0.13:1)
Time: 1842.362 sec (30 m 42 s) 

Thus I needed a way to not read screen by screen all by screen to see what was detected as Infected Files, but just show only infected files found by clamav.

I didn't know how this done, so did a quick search in Google and found the question how to only grep infected files from clamav.log  answered in Clamav-Users Mailing List read whole thread here

The thread suggests using:

[root@mail clamav]# cat clamd.log | grep -i "found"

Since cat-ing the log is worthless however it is much better to only do grep "found"  clamd.log or as in my case file is clamav_scan.log do:

# grep -i 'found' /var/log/clamav_scan.log

/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/ ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/ ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.ppt: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.tnef: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam-aspack.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.exe.rtf: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.7z: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam_IScab_ext.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.odc.cpio: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.newc.cpio: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.pdf: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam-wwpack.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.ole.doc: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/ ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam-mew.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam-petite.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.sis: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam-fsg.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam_cache_emax.tgz: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.exe.bz2: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam_ISmsi_int.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.exe.szdd: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.chm: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.arj: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam_IScab_int.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.ea05.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.tar.gz: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.exe.html: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.exe.binhex: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/ ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam-upack.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.bin-be.cpio: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.mail: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.exe.mbox.uu: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/ ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam-nsis.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam_ISmsi_ext.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam-yc.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.bin-le.cpio: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam-upx.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam-pespin.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.exe.mbox.base64: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND
/usr/share/clamav-testfiles/clam.ea06.exe: ClamAV-Test-File FOUND

Surprisingly all the "Infected" files turned to be a regular clamav scan (virus, spyware badware testfiles – i.e. clamav just use this file to check its database definitions works okay). Thus the supposingly  Infected files: 44 turned to be just another false positive.

Actually this grepping and logging of all scanned files, nevertheless they're not infected is completely useless. Thus it would have been much better if instead have run clamscan with cmd options:

debian:~# clamscan -r /* --infected

I hope ppl reading this article wouldn't repeat my "mistake".
In mean time after this thing here, maybe it will be a good idea to schedule 2 weeks or 1 months period clamscan of whole file system to make sure someone doesn't uploaded some malicious PHPShell script, exploit or other unwanted stuff.

The last Anchorite – A documentary (interview) movie about a Coptic Oriental Orthodox Hermit

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Some time ago, while checking spiritual related videos on youtube, I’ve stumbled on nice movie about probably one of the last left desert hermit monks.
Our age is an age of decaying spirituality and seeing something as hermitage is something absolutely unique.
The movie interestingly shows the desert near Cairo and st. Anthony’s coptic Christian monastery. The monastery is named after saint Anothony – The Great (who is well known in whole Christian dome as a forefather of monastic life. It is interesting fact that still 17 centuries after the creation of the monastery by St. Anthony this spiritual fortress continues to function as an open “Window to Heaven”.

The Last Anchorite – the true story of one of the last left Hermit monks (Part 1)

The Last Anchorite – the true story of one of the last left Hermit monks (Part 2)


3 Major incorrect beliefs about Global DNS (root DNS) servers

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Until today, since I started getting into the depth of DNS some years from now, I always thought that there are 13 major super-computers used as a Global DNS servers which were responsible for caching in all the domain names on the IPv4 and IPv6 internet and that’s all I knew about this matter.
Today I had to review my knowledge on the subject of DNS protocol, BIND server etc. in order to be able to fix an issue with a newly configured BIND dns server. In relation to that I red a bunch of interesting articles online discussing a matters concerning root DNS servers.
Here are two major articles worthy to read:

1. DNS Root Name Servers Explained for Non-Experts – by Daniel Karrenberg
2. DNS Root servers in the World
This blow off the myth about 13 major super-servers running on top of backbones to serve DNS requests online. By the way it’s interesting fact that I’ve learned that myth from some O’reilly’s books that were explaining the Redhat Linux distrubution long time ago.
It could be that long time ago this was true but not anymore!

As of today’s date: Tue Mar 16 17:19:02 EET 2010, there are 425 DNS root servers which are an Internet’s bone today.

Interestingly enough full list of the root servers is available via’s website along with many more information on the subject of how root DNSes works, how the DNS is served on the Internet as well as the RFC which explain the proper way to implement a DNS server.

A copy of the zonefile containing in it all the root DNSes can be obtained via isoc’s website

Another wrong idea about Global DNS servers that I kept with me over the years is that most of the root servers are geographically located in USA.

A good proof to this delusion is website which contains a wonderful Google map with pinpointed geographical locations of all root servers .Along with this there is a plenty of extensive information on root DNS servers.

Another misbelief when talking about DNS servers is that the A-root server is the main DNS server in the Global DNS cluster.

Another good reading location concerning DNS Root servers is The DNS Root Name Server FAQ .

Orthodox Prophecies about the End of The World and the Coming Antichrst, The Second coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

Two days ago while I was looking for various Orthodox related writtings, I found some interesting
places containing many prophecies of saints concerning the rule of the antichrist and the coming end
time terrible days. What the saint prophets say is more than scary. Most of the signs described to be
seen in the end times are already present. I’ve mirrored the website of orthodoxheritage – a newsletter published by the Greek Orthodox Brotherhood of St. Poimen, a 501 here .
The link to the orthodox prophecies is located here . I’ve also mirrored many other pages I found online
on a custom user site in geocities .
Here is a link to the mirrored pages with orthodox prophecies concerning end times

Some of the mentioned things that struck me was:
1. People will be attached to their gadgets more than to their relatives ( already happening)2. People to be not having lack3. Will communicate everywhere freely like they’re in the same room ( already fulfilled)4. People will fly in the clouds and dive into the oceans (fulfilled)5. Many churches will be rebuild and made their cupola made wonderfully ornated (fulfilled – interesting to notethat old orthodox churches’s cupolas are not painted, Even I think it’s prohobited by the church rules to do so)6. Man will trust his gadget more than his first neighbor (on it’s way to be fulfilled)7. People will drive in rigs upon the moon and stars. (already happened)8. The whole world will be plagued by a strange disease and nobody will be able to find a cure; everybody will say I know, I know, because I am learned and smart, but nobody will know anything. (already fulfiller or partly fulfilled?)9. People will be lost and will become more and more senseless day by day. (currently fulfilling)10. Men will be born not knowing who was their grand-father and great grand-father. (partly fulfilled)11. It will not be possible to distinguish a man from a woman. Everybody will dress the same. (fulfilled)12. People will believe that their illusion is the real truth, although there will be no truth in their heads. (fulfilled)13. Men will build a box and within will be some kind of gadget with images.With the help of this image-gadget man will be able to see everything that is happening all over the world.14. After the Second Big War, all of that will be just a bitter illusion, because many will forget God and they will worship only their own human intelligence (fulfilled)15.. A world war III would burst out (not yet fulfilled)16. Great famine after World war 317. Many will worship the Antichrist and accept his evil system (and his number, the number of the beast)Most of the prophecies I publish are given to The Righteous Dimitri Tarabibicz (recorder around 1850s),
He was illiterate Serbian villager who lived an extremely pious manner in the mid 19th century.
This is small portion of all the Orthodox Prophecies we the Orthodox Christians has left as a heritageof the Holy Fathers.

What Protestant Christianity is Wrong about, Protestant wrong ideas about Orthodox Christianity and some protestant heretical and inaccurate beliefs and practices

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Yesterday I was out with some friends including some christians adhering to the methodist belief
as well as generally mostly protestant christian beliefs. For good or bad a severe arguing emergedbetween me and a friend of mine whose explanation on some questions concerning the christian faith
as well as discussions about the seperation of man and woman in the Orthodox Church.Something I don’t really see as division. A Christian friend of mine who is attending a methodist protestant Churchstarted to give explanations for the reason of the so called separation rathar based on the wrong understanding (from orthodox perspective) of faith issues and from protestant doctrinal point of view.
Even though I do listen to a lot of Protestant Christian Rock/Metal and I like the phenomenon of this
attempt for creating a Godly music surrounded by all this groups who openly do confess satanism and occultims,I’m more and more convinced that the protestant christian understanding on many of the matters of faith areerroneous. I still respect all them highly since they do strive to lead God pleasing life, however theirdelusion on some matters of faith should be marked up.

Here are some of the few major things which I see as a difference between Orthodox believing christians andprotestant christian believers with the hope that this would be helpful for somebody out there looking for realanswers on the true christian faith

The dangers of Protestanism and protestant denominations (A faith mixtured with lies and errors) & The Difference BetweenOrthodox Christian beliefs and Protestanism.——————————————–Date: 26.09.2009Author: hip0 (a.k.a. Georgi Georgiev)1. Protestant and their denominations:- Methodists- Advents- many, many other denominations.* Reject the orthodox Church as the descendant of the One Holy apostolic Christian church, established by theapostles.* Reject the authority of many of the teachings of the Orthodox Church including the teaching of theTradition of the Holy Fathers in the Church and the Teachings of the Holy Church Fathers* Reject the supremacy of the Holy Mother of God (Mother Mary) in the spiritual hierarchy of the God createdbeings! (Something of the most fundamental things believed in the Orthodox Church).* Accept one and only authority of the bible, in which everybody freely could interpret the Holy Scriptures,(there are some general framework in which most of the canonical so to say protestant do hold up). Eventhough the variation of the understanding varies greatly.* Reject our appeals to the Holy Saints and the Holy Theotokos (Mother Mary) for intercession in front ofGod for us the sinners.* Reject the order in the church, teaching that everybody is free to understand and serve to God theway he feels if it has generally some similarities to their build idea on holiness based on their biblereadings.* Reject the crucifixion (Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ crucified) as the most fundamental symbolof Christianity claming that Christ has already raised:(Contradicting what is written by the St. Paul in the Bible.Who openly confesses that he wants to be know and Preach Christ Crucified).* Do understand the Cross as only a symbol to Christianity, Claiming that early Christians haveused a fish as a symbol of Christianity (As a remembrance of our Lord’s miracle with multiplying the fishesand feeding 5000 people).* Many Protestants Reject the power of the Cross symbol in Christians making the sign of the Cross (Again contradicting the Holy Fathers who say that through crossing ourselves with the sign of the Cross,every demon is banished and trembles in fear.* Do claim that the bible is the one and only authority a christian should obey.That as far as I’ve red is called “Sola Scriptura” (Only the Scriptures in Latin).In Orthodoxy we have the tradition of the Holy Fathers which supplements what is writtenin the bible and on many occasions enables us to understand what the bible exactlytalks about.* Have many contradictiory teaching built by different pastors, all interpretationsof The Book Revelation (Apocalypsis) by St. John.* Many of them claim seeing heaven or being in heaven and being back,each’s. Most accounts contradicing each other. Talking about seeing Jesus* Many of them claim seeing heaven or being in heaven and being back,each’s. Most accounts contradicing each other. Talking about seeing Jesuswith golden belt, whole in light.Talking about Heaven filled in with Goldenstreets, etc., etc… And Many, Many more lieful things which every orthodox spiritual christian,as well as any other spiritual christian out their should know are based on imagination and fantasy.My personal experience in faith has shown me that spiritual things doesn’t have nothing to do withphysical seeing, nor have anything to do with anything we do know in this world. This could be alsored in the writtings of the saints as well as in the writtings of st. apostle Paul who talksabout knowing a man who saw heaven in the holy bible. Thereby he explains, How he saught things which cannot be explained in human terms.* Rejection of the eucharist (taking the sacraments), as a real blood and flesh of our Saviour and LordJesus Christ.Herein they again try to imply that eucharist or taking the sacraments (blood and wine) as most ofthe protestant churches does is only symbolism and is ordered just as a remembrance of our Lord’slast supper as we read in the Gospel wherein he commanded us to do that for this remembrance.Again ignoring the rest of his words recorded in the other canonical Gospels in which the Lord Jesus Christ openlysays (Whoever does not eat his body and doesn’t eat and drink his blood has no place with him.* Protestants Reject the Holy Liturgy in the Orthodox Church and the Church order(e.g. claiming no priest is needed everybody could freely communicate with God through prayers),herein they mistakenly think that the Orthodox Christian does communicate with God only through thepriest this is absolutely not true. Communicating with God is not done onlh through the priest.Yes it’s true that God’s gifts and forgiveness are granted to the Church members through the priest aswell as the eucharist (the holy communion), itself is received via priest as God has ordained since old times, even in the old testament, however communion with God is achieved also within throughout the Church servicesand in prayer at our homes as well.Moreover,e ven though our Lord Jesus Christ has spokenly openly against priests of his timewhile he was still on earth he never rejected the authority of the priests.For example the miracle our Lord has done healing the 10 lepers.After healing the 10 leprs, our Lord told them, “Go show yourself to the priests”.If the assertion by protestants is true, and no priest is needed how come our Lord Jesus sents the healed onesto the priests? Not to mention that they still have a sort of priest, (The pastor) who basiclyserves a similar role to the Orthodox Priest.* Protestants Reject the burning of Candles by layman, incense burning on the altar before Godand within the Church to sanctify externally everything within the place.That’s bacause they don’t understand two things:1. The meaning of Candles (The least man’s sacrifice (God pleasing offering))2. The incense left from the old times when priests were serving before God with burning God pleasingincense before the face of God. I’m not theologian and doesn’t know the exact explanation so that’s mostly my understanding onwhy incense is burned. I’ve also heard that incense is something dislikeable to the unclean spirits(demons) to be said by random people most of which not regular members of the Church.(This thesis need to be approved furhter on by Orthodox theologian or a priest)3. The Candles’s role is also as a mean to fund the Church in terms of money.The Church’s building and Church’s God servents needs money as well to exist, didn’t they?* Protestants reject the veneration of the Icons.- Here protestant understanding of the icons is as they’re idols.That is completely wrong understanding.Icons represent and remind of us of things already described in the bible,as well depicts the martyrdom of different christian orthodox saints. Reverenting the saintindeed we does honour the Holiness of the Saint achieved by his sanctification by his holy lifethrough our God (The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit), therefore we does venerate not the saintbut God alone who dwelled and dwells forever within the saint.* Protestant are not aware of the existance of miraculous icons (most of which containingrelics of miracle making saints through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ), they have also no cluethat we have some saints with incorruptable bodies, whose earthly holiness was so obvious and theirbody so filled with God’s spirit that the flesh became incorruptable by God’s holy providence.They reject the honouring of the holy relics of saints. Ignoring the story in the old testamenttold where a dead soldier falls in the grave containing the holy relics of Prophet Elisha andarised back to live. Which is an old testament example of how holy and precious are the relicsof a saint.* Most protestants fail to glorify God as a Holy Trinity (Here is what I mean,Whenever Glory to God is expressed, it’s never said: Glory to the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.To manifest the belief in the Holy Trinity as we do in the Orthodox Church on every Holy Liturgy.* Protestants say they believe in The Triunite God still they bend God The Holy Trinity to the point they callGod, “The Trinity”. Which sounds like they place themselves on the same height as God alone (againerroneous).* Protestant does not make distinction between the the three apostates (natures) of God The Holy Trinity.In other words when talking about God they think talking about God the Son (our Lord Jesus Christ) isabsolutely equal to talking about God the Father or God the Holy Spirit. Which again is not true,This three God’s apostates are not one and the same thing, they’re one holy and inseperatable Godwhich in all terms is different to what is taught in protestanism.* Protestants does understand fasting as a way to restrain of food completely for days.This approach even if practiced literally by the the Holy Prophets, The Holy Apostles, The Church Fathers andThe Holy Saints is not applicable to the normal layman. Such experiments with the body could bring youa health issues if practiced in the long term. One of the dangers if somebody goes that way is toget gastritis or other stomach sicknesses, not to mention that this could not even benefit youin a spiritual sense quite often.The orthodox fasting is abstention mainly firstly of the sinful thoughts and desires and thenabstention from animal derivative food and products (with some small exceptions). In no meansthat we could abstain completely from food.During lent or some of the other 4 fasting periods in the Orhtodox Church on Church Feasts,Eating of Fish is allowed. Still in the Orthodox Church completele abstention of food ispracticed in some monasteries and by some people whose dedication to God is many levels aboveours (the laymans).Some protestants accuse orthodoxy that it doesn’t practice the true fasting (completelewithhold of food), this is not true since in orthodox christianity there are differentlevels of fasting. The highest level is a complete abstention from food and is practiced by saintsand monks.* Protestant reject the Orthodox Prayer Book as a mean of a guide in prayer.(This still needs to be researched further? Never heard of a protestant Christian that uses an OrthodoxPrayer book)In Orthodox Prayer books, we pray with the prayers of the saints which assures are that the wordswe spoke do hold up to the main orthodox christian doctrine and the orthodox Creed of faith andthe teaching within the church.Whilst in Protestanism, Prayers are mostly based on their each one’s own understanding on prayer.The Prayer tought by our Lord Jesus Christ is the one most practiced (Which at least is something good). The rest are prayers crafted by every man according to his own understanding about faith God and truthand the situation.* Protestants (or at least most of them) reject that Mother Mary is ever virgin (Theotokos aswe orthodox christians call the Holy Mother of God)Most of Christian protestants reject that Mother Mary has been ever virgin until her dormitionand ever after. This is another fundamental miracle of the many and innumerable miracles of God.They tend to ignore what is written in the gospels in the new testament, everybody can read there that all the nations will call Virgin Mary blessed.(Never heard a protestant calling mother mary blessed or reverenting her in a special way asa Mother of God as we do in the orthodox Church)Many of the protestant christian denominations does teach that mother mary has even hadchildren from Joseph her husband by law. (The early church never taught that! This is repulsiveheresy!)* As far as I know some protestant Chirstian teachings reject that Christ is the Logos and thefact that our Lord Jesus Christ is begotten by God the Father before all ages (This is statedin the Orthodox Creed of faith).(Again this still needs further closer investigation).* Many Protestants believe wrongfully that they are saints because the possess the Holy Spiritwithin.Again erroneous from orthodox perspective. Won’t get into details about this issue.* Probably the list goes on and on … As I said earlier I’m not a theologianWell let me close that, with a few closing words.
The Orthodox Church teaches that protestanism is a heresy and
the truth is only kept and taught properly within the realm of the Orthodox Church.
However many of the priests and servents of the Orthodox Church does act nowdays in a way
that stain the orthodox church teachings as well as the orthodox church reputation, that creates
distrust and drives back many people who does judge about orthodoxy based on the actings of people
who do dare to call themselves orthodox but they are spiritually serving in most of the time not
to God but probably to the evil one.
.No matter this still what is being mainly told in the church holds up to the Church canons and therefore
the influence of unfaithful and sinful priests or orthodox church servents cannot change the truth
which the church canons contains. Thus luckily the Orthodox Church believers are being taught plainly mostly what was
taught in the church since it’s birth day on Pentecost while the Spirit of God descended unto
the Holy Apostles. The dangers of joining a protestant church are even higher, many
of this churches are money machines nowdays, believers are being taught lieful claims, fragments
of the bible are being taught as a means to stimulate people’s guilt to make them donate more
for the given protestant church or denomination.
In reality many nowdays protestant churches and denominations are smartly built business empires,
which one and only aim is increase money revenues. I’ve even red online many testimonies of
people (pastors) who practice hypnosis, the people who testified against the pseudo Christian pastors
described how this pseudo-pastors used well known hypnotist tricks to force people’s subconsciousness
into a state of hypnosis in which (the hypnotist pastor ideas) and subsequentially control over the
pseudo-church members could be exercised.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to be in war with protestanism or Protestant understanding and ways
to serve God. What do I want is just to introduce christians of the many dangers of being
a non-orthodox christian believer. I personally do have many friends who even though not openly
are more closely to the protestant belief system, than orthodox’s. They as people are really nice,
I can say they do strive doing good deeds, read the bible, pray, try not to sin and be
centered on our Lord Jesus Christ. On many hard times in the past for me, while I was still
not belonging to the orthodox christian church. I thought that churches are corrupted and they does
withhold people from salvation which is only attained through the knowledge of the Lord Jesus alone
with the act of accepting the Lord Jesus Christ (as the true and only son of God who died for our sins
on Golgotha and roused again in the third day according to the scriptures).

I have to admit that People with mainly protestant believes or inclinations have sustained me through intercession prayers to God,
in the past, while being friends getting out together, discussing the bible, contemporary christianity etc.
However even though the good sides, everything was far from perfect.
When I’m thinking about the times back then I feel like a bit being like into a sect.
We were always gathering together and talking about the bible and God and suchalike, at many
times just talking non-sense.
Many of the discussions during meetings, were our own interpretations of the bible each one
claiming his own interpretation is the true one. Mostly trying to somehow synchronize our ideas with some
protestant famous authors like Watch Man Nee (whose teaching from my current position could
be classified as lieful heresies).
Said in other words we were looking for true spirituality.
Something I lately found by God’s divine providence within the Orthodox Church and Orthodox Christianity.
So again the real reason for writing all the above is just to try to emphasize the differences
between orthodoxy and protestanism. And many of the downsides of protestanism.
Some other things I have noticed is that people whose positions on faith are protestant tend thing alike:
“The bible says” heavily.
No offense but the Holy Bible is bent down to the low “The Bible” instead of “Holy Bible” as it should.
Not to mention the true respect to Holy apostles is skipped and they are called by names with skipping the “Saint” word.
Which automatically does ranks the holy apostles on the same level as us, which I personally think is not a good
thing to do. Well of course pretestanism as everything else has not only the bad sides.
I still love protestant christian artists like Larry Norman, ApologetiX, Andy Hunter, Tourniquet,
Deliverance, Circle of Dust, Juggernautz, X-Propagation, Rez Band, Glenn Kaiser, the list goes on,
many many more to mention here. I love Christian Rock and Metal since I came from a rock and Metal musical background
and I still listen to rock and metal music every now and then I try to mostly listen to a Christian messaged one.
But still truth must be told, in protestanism Truth is mixtured with heresies.
I cannot hide that a lot of the protestant christian literature I’ve red tried to explain a lot of the
logical problems I was seeing in Christianity and the Holy Bible, however later on I’ve found out
that many of the ideas shared in the protestant christian books were contradicting believes in
the orthodox church and does lack a logical reason out of the book context.

We should be alert while accepting many of the things preached within protestanism through
books, media, music etc. And always look for the true Christianity which has led me
to the Orthodox Christianity. I don’t say that currently things in the Orthodox Church are
perfect what I say are that it’s the Church that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, left us saying:
“I will build My Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”