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What is Sufism (An interesting Muslim Sect, combining teachings from both Islam and Christianity)

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

I decided to blog about Sufism , cause I found it really interesting. I first heard about Sufism, as areligious stream as a reference following some readings about Rumi Mevlana after
I’ve been shown a video about his attained great wisdom by an ex-student
Turkish colleague of mine (Burdji).
Mevlana (or Mowlana) as he is also known is famous for a couple of major things
among Muslims.

1. He used to be a great Persian Poet of his time
2. A great Persian Theologian
3. He was a Major figure in Sufism
5. He was a notable musician of his time
4. His Life inspired the creation of Sufi Dances (Whirling Dervishes).

Here is a nice video with quotes from various Sufi teachers including
Rumi Mevlana himself:

It’s interesting that even though from Christian perspective Rumi Mevlana
and Sufism in general is a Heretical teaching it’s teachings, are closer
and more closer to Christianity than Islam is.
Happy Watching.

2 interesting metal movies that everymetal should watch (Movies about Metal Over the World)

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Yesterday, friends of mine has recommended me two movies on the topic of metal
As a global movement. The film is a sort of a headbanger (metalhead) personal research on metal music development and current status all over the world.
The movie was conducted by a San Dunn (a hardcore metal fan) who travels aroundin different locations all around the world and does reflect on metal scene on
the 6 continents. It was of a real interest to me to check out the moviesout of curiosity considering my metal passion that lived with me over the years.
The first movie is called Metal – A Headbanger’s Journey (2005)
The movie includes many interview with famous metal musicians Wacken metal festival scenes of one of the most famous metal bands over the world.
The second movie is called Global Metal (2008) and is a sort of continuation of the first one.
Some of the metal musicians interviewed in the Movie are:

Bruce Dickinson
Tom Araya – (Slayer)
Alice Cooper – (Alice Copper)
Lemmy Kilmister – (Motorhead)
Kerry King – (Slayer)
Rob Zombie – (Rob Zombie)
Lars Ulrich – (Metallica)
Max Cavalera – (Sepultura, Soufly)
Each of the forementioned musicians speaks about his attitude and vision on Metal
as a culture and it’s development over the years as well as about his/her personal
Experience with metal fans during their huge metal tours aroud the world.
The movie includes also references to many infamous on a global scale metal bands
Which are large popular in their home countries and do a serious metal music.
Each of this band’s philosophy and lyrical expression is largely centered around their culture.
This creates something new and unseen before in the metal scene and not to mention
does integrate the world in a better way.It’s really shocking to see the metal scene in India, Indonesia, Japan, China etc.
It’s almost incredible that metal music exists their and enjoys a good popularity
where culture is so different from the culture we have in Eastern Europe!
Well enough talk, take your time get to the nearest torrent or a metal shop and
look for that two titles. I guarantee you’ll experience a couple of hours
of fun and nice music. Enjoy!

Time Changer an interesting Christian Movie (In the Protestant tradition)

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Today I’ve watched a nice American Christian movie in the protestant christians tradition.The movie is called Time changer
The story progresses with a couple of guys in an american bible seminary in the 19th century.
One of the professors is eager to publish a new book on morals, which doesn’t stress
on our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ alone. One of his fellow colleagues is against,
stressing the importance of giving credit to Jesus Christ (the son of God and our Saviour),
for teaching us the true way of godliness. The two guys can’t come into a mutual agreement
about the issue. The writer of the new book couldn’t get the blessing of the seminary,
which would make the book inferior in the distant 19th century. Therefore the
author of the book strives to receive the acceptance of his colleagues. After failing
he is ready to do everything even if it contradicts the teachings presented in the bible.
The professor unwishful to endeavor the new book does explain to the professor author of the
book his motives for showing clear the relation between the Lord Jesus and the teaching of
morals presented in the Holy Bible. It seems this guy had the oportunity to travel in the
future through a gadgy machine invented by his father who has already departured.
This professor had the oportunity to witness what is the fruit of skipping to associate Christ as being the
one stressing on the importance of keeping God’s moral standards in the 21st century.
The professor decides that the only way to convince his fellow colleague author of the new
book is to sent him right into the future and let him witness why teaching of morality
without Christ is pernicious. Finally after witnessing all the insanity and ungodliness created
in man’s life as a consequence of not sticking to our lord’s teaching, while traveling back
to his own time through the time machine the author of the new book rewrites his book to make
it be in accordance with the scriptures. The movie ends with one of the professors testing the machine
trying to send the holy bible as far as he could in the future. However he cannot send it to 2070,
then he tries a 2060, no luck as well etc.. A good end since it points how close we are to the SecondComing of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

Interesting movie telling a hacker story, might be interesting to see

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Check this out this interesting film which tells a story of a hacker it’s claimed that the filmis based on a real story and I believe so although it’s a bit exaggerated, still it’s a must seemovie the movie is called “23 – Nichts Ist So Wie Es Scheint” check it out.Apart from the film there is not much to say I went out for a shopping to Aldi, came backto Honigkamp. Worked, I had a lot of work today, then watched that movie.Basicly that’s how the day passed .. Maybe it’s a good idea to go out for a walk,because I don’t move enough this day.. What’s good today is that I’ve beenspiritually and emotionally stable for the whole day for which I should give a millionof thanks to God almighty!END—–