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What about "burn" or "purest feeling" or "deep"?
I only post lyrics from official US or UK halos (with the exception of Sweden's halo 15). I do not cover soundtracks, bootlegs, demos, promos, Japanese halos, Australian halos, or songs from videos not appearing on halo 12. Why not? I prefer to keep this site simple, clean-looking, and easy to maintain.

Why do you use the cover art for the import halo 3 on the main page?
Trent had more control over his early albums in Europe. The import halo 3 represents the CD he wanted to release and the US halo 3 represents the CD TVT Records wanted him to release.

How do I access the secret "title 5" tracks on the second halo 17 DVD?
It involves pressing buttons at exact times during certain songs. I hate Easter eggs like this. A much easier way to see them is to just imput "Title 5, Track 3" (or 7 or 10) in your DVD player's search mode.

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