3 minute philosophy of Aristotle and st. Thomas Aquinas

Thursday, 30th September 2010

During my Business Ethics classes today, in order to show what is Virtue Ethics the class was presented by a videocreated by some freak.
It’s a well known fact that schools and universities are constantly trying to re-organize their teaching methodologies. However I seriously doubt how much educational this interactive and modern approaches are. Well at least they are funny.

Check out the two videos and you will fully understand how ridiculous it’s to present in your lecture such a profane videos.

Yes modern world is getting more and more profane. Aristotle would probably turn in his grave if he sees how this video represents his philosophical views 🙂

Anyways enought talk just check the two videos:

Three Minute Philosophy: Aristotle

3 Minute Philosophy – St. Thomas Aquinas (without anti-Catholic bias and fallacies)

Anyways I should admit that the video author is quite of an Artist.

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