A full-featured cool post editor like MS-Word for WordPress Blogs (FCKEditor)

Friday, 11th March 2011

I have recently installed a new blog for my younger sister and thus am establishing a number of handy plugins to make her blog more convenient for writting posts etc.

The default text editor embedded with the default wordpress install is very unflexible and thus I looked around on the net for good substitutes which will enable my sis to feel a bit like using MS-Word.

The plugin that “made the day” was FCKEditor . The installation of the FCKEditor plugin is just like any other easy to install wordpress plugin and in newer wordpress installations for instance in ver. 3.1 it can be searched directly online and installed with 2 simple clicks.
After the plugin succesful installation I enabled it and voilla, that was all. The plugin automatically overwritted the default wordpress html editor and added up a dozen of edit buttons like you can see in the screenshot below:

wordpress fsckeditor screenshot

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