A Psycho day

Friday, 4th July 2008

Today it was a pretty psycho day for me. I had a bit of work at the same time I was too lazy the whole day. I haven’t prayed seriously for 2 days and my unbelief is pretty serious. I should thank God for still granting me his grace although I don’t deserve it. A big part of the day My psychic was under a big stress and pressure, also my physical condition was pretty bad during the whole day. At 6:30 I went to my driving lessons. Right now I’m reading in google and still tweakening and configuring my thinkpad laptop today I tested it with external display after following the instructions of thinkpadwiki it played just fine. In order to do that it was required to add some lines into xorg.conf and create a small script which is mapped to my fn+f7 key. The script itself is presented Here . Another nice script I found on the gentoo’s wiki was controlling the thinklight, check it out mirrored here what the script do is turn on/off the think light. In order to check if you have enabled external display properly I used the command xrandr -q, there is also a nice gui tool which may be used it’s called grandr. I decided to publish my xorg.conf conf which works fine with my Thinkpad r61 8943 DTG I’ll be glad if that’s of use to somebody out there download it here . Recently I needed a way to check the Motherboard name of a Linux machine remotely and after a bit asking in irc.freenode.net and doing individual research online I got a program that is of use it’s called dmidecode. In order to gather hardware information of the machine all I had to do was simply type the command and check it’s output. In the city center of the town there was a Korean dancing Christian group who were gathered there praising Jesus wearing shirts “Jesus Loves”, it was a nice thing to see there are still people who belief in our Lord Jesus. I should say I’m in a big temptation one step away from falling away from faith, I pray to God that he strenghtem my faith and heal my body and use me as a sign that he still reigns over the Universe and it’s still his will what is happening and will happen with this dying world.END—–

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