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Sunday, 20th September 2009

Yesterday I found an interesting small proggie that enables you to tray in a fast manner any unix application
to the GNOME, KDE’s system tray.
Alltray also works with many other desktop environments and window managers.
This application made my life a bit easier since now I’m able to send into the tray my mail application of choice (Thunderbird),or as called in Debian icedove. To do that all I had to do was:

$ alltray icedove . To make this behaviour permanent you can use:
The program alacarte which allows you to edit your Gnome menus in a fast and comfortable manner.
For instance on Debian run alacarte Go to Internet -> Icedove Mail/News click Properties and changethe default command: icedove %u change with alltray icedove %u
Congrats your Thunderbird will now go to tray any time you run it.
Now you can do the same with any other application that lacks tray support.
Here is a link to Alltray’s website

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