The Ancient Bulgarian Alphabet – And how Ancient Bulgarian is Church Slavonic and how Ancient Bulgarian give birth to Russian language

Sunday, 13th January 2013


Ancient Bulgarian Alphabet – Старобългарската азбука

I was interested how Ancient Bulgarian writting letter used to be and found a video and youtube worthy to share.
Ancient Bulgarian, became the basis for many Slavonic languages – modern Serbian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Croation and maybe most importantly modern Russian. In practice the so called Church Slavonic is Ancient Bulgarian language. Back in the day Ancient Bulgarian writing was invented by the Holy Brothers St. Cyril and St. Methodius for reasons to translate the Holy Bible for Slavonic people who lived in territory of nowadays Bulgaria and Serbia. Their pupils later spread the Church books and Christianity as well as writting and all translations to nowadays Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. Romanians just until recently used cyrillic until 1920, and still cyrillic is widely used in Church. The video above is very interesting, as some of the words mentioned as ancient Bulgarian words are still figurating in Russian and Serbian language, but for some reason evolved or disappeared from modern Bulgarian. People should know their roots, especially Bulgarian who was so great nation and still are but because of western influence and global consumerism, our national identity and significance is tried to be diminished. If you're a Bulgarian read this, know your roots and How great nation we were and we continuously are and will be! Don't be ashamed to be Bulgarian on the contrary consider it as a great honour. There is no other nation in the Balkans who survived under 500 years of Ottoman Turkish Slavery except us Bulgarians and Serbs. Over this V centuries of slavery we kept our Christian faith, language and writting intact. This is a nation heroism worthy for praise and astonishment! We Bulgarians are nation worthy to respect, we are not stupid or inferior as often modern world progress is trying to convince us. Our nation is not among the top developed countries, for the reason, we Bulgarians are more spiritual oriented and most of time in history our ancestors looked and lived taking in their mind and heart eternal life in Christ and not the temporary earthly progress. Still there are plenty of Bulgaria, who are like this, still Bulgarians have great spirituality, but we forget our faith, we forgot what kept us alive as nation over the last 13 centuries of existence. Go back to the roots, read the history and learn the old alphabet and words, all this will enrich you and give you easier way to learn the other Slavonic nations. Next time they ask you about nationality say you're Bulgarian with dignity!

Church Slavonic Language is Ancient Bulgarian literary language – Academic Dmitrij S. Lihachov – Дмитрий С. Лихачов

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