Convert png files to ico on Linux – Create “icon” files from pictures

Tuesday, 2nd November 2010

You will need png2ico

First you will have to download the png2ico source

Now you will have to download compile and install the program by issuing:

debian:~# wget
debian:~# tar -zxvf png2ico-src-2002-12-08.tar.gz...
debian:~# cd png2ico/
debian:/root/png2ico# make
debian:/root/png2ico# cp -rpf png2ico /usr/local/bin/

Convertion is pretty easy and it comes to executing simply:

debian:/home/hipo$ png2ico favicon.ico png_picture_to_convert.png

Note that your png_picture_to_convert.png has to be in a graphic dimensions of 16×16
That’s all now you should have your favicon.ico on your Linux created.

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    My site does pretty much the same thing although without any of the hassle of installing the software and running the complex commands.

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