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In the morning I stand up from bed early to go to a doctor. He said I had an infection and I’ve got to drink 3 different type of pills. One of the pills I have to drink 3 days once a time every next pill in 15 minutes. It’s a hellish. I hope I would be well with the God’s help and work as soon as possible because I can’t continue live that way it’s a living nightmare. Almost all the day I watched Stargate SG 1. In the evening I was out with Lily in Gerana. I intend to watch some stargate serie and go to bed. I have exam on 10 and 12th of Oct and still I haven’t studied but with all this other things on my had I can’t concentrate. Also after I have drinked the pills I had a terrible headache, at least now it’s gone …END—–

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