Saturday, 12th July 2008

Today in the afternoon mitko has called me and we went for a coffee afterward we went to a place out of the city where I was practicing in driving after maybe 40 minutes I drived his car (Audi A4) to the near village and we ate Izida’s wuffle icecreams. Towards evening I went to my cousin Zlatina’s furniture shop and had a nice talk with them. They were in the Netherlands and in France and they visited Disneyland. They narrated about their experience in disneyland and shared how cool disneyland is, another thing they told me about is the Belgium capital Brussel. They said it’s a terrible place to be and it’s full of arabs and gipsies and it’s the dirtiest city they have ever seen. Now in the eveningI just checked the elive website because I wanted to know what kind of dock is included in the distro and I came a cross an interesting adobe flash video player alternative. It’s called flowplayer Check it out Here That’s mostly how my day passed. Now Probably I’m going to watch Starwars Episode “V” movie after which I’m going to bed.END—–

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