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The doctor has prescribed me pills and phiso-therapy. Emotionally, mentally, and physically I was in a pretty bad shape the last some time. Yesterday Plamenko come to my home and I decided to tell him about my situation trying to be completely honest. He said everything would come to a place but probably I have to change my living place. So if this is necessary then I’ll do it. I guess that he prayed for me because today I feel better and I feel God’s presence. The only problem still I have is physical but I hope God would fix it. I also started going to church every day in the Orthodox Church man feels different, I think God’s grace and God himself is present there. Today I had an exam at Bussiness Communication. I prayed to God to help me and Hooray I was able to cheat I hope now God would grant me to take the exam. Thanks for everything Lord! :)END—–

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