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Thursday, 25th April 2024

Comment on Howto Upgrade IBM Spectrum Protect Backup Client TSM 7.X to 8.1.8, Update Tivoli 8.1.8 to 8.1.11 on CentOS and Redhat Linux by hip0.

Import note to make to prevent you from scaring out yourself is that if you have tested with

dsmc client to connect to the Central backup location server and mistyped some command in the TSM CLI like typed q instead of quite or tried to get out of the program with CTRL + D

You will end up with a strange log messages in dsmerror.log like:

# tail -n 500 dsmerror.log
12/04/2020 15:34:49 ANS1141W Unknown command – exit
12/04/2020 15:37:50 ANS1141W Unknown command – exit
12/04/2020 15:38:41 ANS1141W Unknown command – exit

This is normal and you don't need to worry about. Another thing if you use some kind of data integrity security checking software such as samhain is to update the database because some files will change on the file system.
If you use samhain and add the newly extracted Tivoli TSM rpm package files run:

samhain -l none -t update –foreground –set-mail-severity=none –set-print-severity=notice

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Big Church Scandal in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church the developments on how the Church basic law Establishment document is illegally broken and hope and action for truth to be restored

What is rather fun is during the anti-protest organized by Metropolitan Nikolay (with people only from the Plovdiv eparchy just like in the good old times of communism was financed by the unwilling people to go to the event). It was lied that the reason for Nikolay people to protest is because this is a protest in front of the Synod against the accepting of gay marriages (what a lie !!!). Besides that there is a many people from village called Krepost (if not mistaken the village) who were (protestants!) and came to protest in favour of the new anti people legislation (even though not orthodox christians), because they were mislead the protests are against the gays!

Metropolitan Nikolay has publicly asked priests in his eparchy to sign a document they're going to be present on the protests that should support the New Synodal "order". Those who were unwilling to cooperate of course can always be sent by their Metropolitan to a very distant village or even taken away their profession as priests so there was a lot of pressure put on those people.

A Biography of one big Heart + His Holiness Patriarch Neophyte (Neofit) head of Bulgarian Orthodox Church

От архива: Христовата любов побеждава дори смъртта, твърдеше приживе патриарх Неофит

A Biography of one big Heart + His Holiness Patriarch Neophyte (Neofit) head of Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Българският Патриарх Неофит в Москва на 8 Март 2016 г. ЧАСТ 2

Christ is Risen Eastern Orthodox Resurrection Paschal Greeting in Different Languages
Hi Stan,

I guess you cannot read the writtings on the icon as it is in cyrillic.
This is not Saint Mary and Saint Peter but Adam and Eve written in cyrillic on top of the icon.
Actually in orthodoxy it is a requirement for the depicted personalities, especially saints to have
written on the names of the saint and have the Halo. If you look closely at the picture you will notice
the two Adam and Eve are missing a Halo. The only person with a Halo in the icon is Saint John the Baptist.

Best Regards

Install and configure rkhunter for improved security on a PCI DSS Linux / BSD servers with no access to Internet
       –rwo, –report-warnings-only
              This option causes only warning messages to be displayed. This can be useful when rkhunter is run via cron. Other options may
              be used to force other items of information to be displayed.

       –sk, –skip-keypress
              When  the  –check command option is used, after certain sections of tests, the user will be prompted to press the return key
              in order to continue. This option disables that feature, and rkhunter will run until all the tests have completed.


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