Human Modern Progression a move forward to Degression

Saturday, 16th June 2012

I've been thinking about our modern day progression and what our "progressed" society looks like in reality.
We think we have progressed, we have built machines that serves us well (computers). We plan for a bright painless easy future day by day. This bright "perfect" society future is nothing more than the dream of communism in its complete form.

But in what sense we have actually progressed ?? Everyone who really sees what happens around us notice the big changes we experience. On the surface it looks like our life has become much easier with all this technology surrounding us. The number of computers which is said to help us to leap towards this bright future increases day by day. With this however increases the need to support technology. Suddenly it happens that the old believe that computers are just a tool to make our life earier becomes a modern day slavery. Most of the developed or under development countries people are nowdays almost full time spending in front of the computer screen on the internet. We put our lifes in the mercy of man-created computers and it has become impossible that we live or exist independetly without them.

Computers are everywhere around us starting from the work Desk, at hand with a notebook, ipad, mobile phones, cars, airplanes. There is rarely to see any technology we use which works with not some kind of primitive or advanced computer embedded ,,,
In the rise of computers as we know it computer was just a tool to help us along with the other overall thought and inventions development. Now from just being a tool to help us progress Computers become the common ground on which almost everything in life works.

I'm sure many people who started learning computer technology 15-20 years ago (like me) never imagined computers will integrate so heavily in our daily activities as they eventually did.

We use computers for the sake of planning which in "spiritual language" is predicting the future or prophecise what is about to come in the short future. In reality what we do mostly even not realizingly is to try to predict and modify the future through technology.
This concept is also existing in most sci-fi movies, made in last 60 years. Mobile phones revolution give the humanity a tool through which telepathy we've seen in so many SCI-FI is reality. The mobile phone is just a platform through which (phone calls) or better said voice telepathy has become possible. In that manner of thoughts it is obvious that Video phone calls is a voice + visual telepathy. The Skype revolution and Video and voice conferences is brought was just until recently seen on the sci-fi movies where spaceship crews communicated with other spaceship crews by using a Visual conferences like skype.

It is really hard to believe that for just few years now everyone can speak with ease with everyone else on the planet in the same way just like we've seen in the movies as some foreign abstract concept!

Now suddenly most people on earth are equipped with technology with gives them the power to do everything but it is my firm believe people are not ready to wisely use this power. Therefore instead of using this higher technology wisely technology is used mostly senseless and the more technological advancement grows and becomes more accessible to the masses the more the tendency to use the technology for shit grows.

I'm sure people who have a good knowledge on programming and how computer works are already seriously aware of this enormous problem.
Another severe problem with the raise of technology is the language slang it introduces. This tech-slang is adopted quickly all around the society and suddenly as a result the human language as we know it is seriously substituted by a vague tech words mambo-jambo words. Actually the adoption of tech buzz words in modern day society language makes a great harm for the reason communication between people becomes less descriptive and therefore harder.
In short the result of this tech slang language inside our national languages is inability for people to communicate properly. This tendency is well seen if you for example try to make a comparison between old and newer movies. The newer the movie the less meaningful it is. It is true newer ones has much more as a visual adds than the predecessor but when talking about consistency the newer films are missing this point seriously.

As newer generations are born and raised up with this newer movies and "advanced" TV and computers this people doesn't even have most of the time the opportunity to see older human taped knowledge.
Even for youngesters who have somehow a wise parents enough to teach them in a religious way or just have the "luck" to have parents with old world mindset it will be extremely hard if not impossible for this kids to understand the old knowledge, as most of their same age school / university fellows will only talk about the newer things.

Besides all this, computers as they grow needs more and more support "nurturing" so day by day more and more people has to be busy with managing and supporting tech stuff. Suddenly it is no longer clear if computers serve us or we serve them, this tendency is already somehow evident but not so clearly as it will be in the short 5 to 10 years.
Therefore we slowly but surely are moving to a society which might become "enslaved by technology". Why I say here enslaved, because if we spend our time on fixing computers and technology and working with one virtual reality (which is non-reality) in essence this means we no longer have a physical freedom in the sense it was God given.

There is no doubt computers at present appears to do us a big good, but if you think a bit strategically it is obvious this good has it's price. By adopting all this technology without questioning ourselves on how this will impact our human freedom, we build a computerized jail around us. At first this jail appears to be so wide that it seems it does not interfere with our freedom, but with the introduction of newer and newer computer technology this jail becomes narrower as to the point where it could threat our physical existence freedom.

For those who could argue my thoughs I will ask two simple questions to show you how dependent we've become on technology;;;

What was the last time you switched off your mobile for a week ?

What was the last time you didn't used computers and the internet for a week time ?

Obviously rarely we can find someone that will answer positively to this question or even the thought of switching off from this so globalized society by dropping off tech stuff for a week seems scary.

This constant connectiodness that we're day-by-day heavily exposed to is scary, because it steals little-by-little our natural freedom for seclusion / pravicy / solitude.

This freedoms, were essential and especially for Christian saints and many of the people in the Holy Bible if we read closely we will find out they have used this freedom in parts of their lives especially the seclusion to hear and understand God's will for their life.
Since technology is stealing us the freedom to seclude ourselves this means it steals our basic natural freedom to communicate with God and our natural self ,,,

The consequence of this separation from God and unification with "the world" surely will lead to spiritual blindness and lack of good foundation or higher life purpose, in other words lost path in life.

This is happening all along right in front our eyes now.
Maybe the worst thing of globalization is it doesn't unite people on a soul level but rather separates them. The unification that tech boom gives to people is in the "virtual reality" but this is not a real unification as it is unification in a media which is not real.

Yes Virtual Reality is not real, that's why it is called Virtual isn't it?
I've been thinking over all this problems more and more and I'm starting to come to conclusion that people who wish to keep their essential physical freedom need to GET OUT from this tech lie, we have lived in.
For this however more people need to first realize that;;;


2. People who want to live without technology need to organize in groups (and get used to a natural living growing food, being near to a natural springing water, taking care for each other, living in a Christian commune like – like in the old days)

Actually if we read the old testament's story of Moses escaping the upcoming flood, I believe what is about to come to us as a consequence of this out of boundaries technologization is pretty much like the old testamental flood (this should happen sooner or later).

Moses was wise enough to make himself an Ark and prepare himself for the storm. Today most people are so busy that they don't see the storm coming. I'll be glad to hear from people who has the same thinking as me and want to organize in a groups and live an old humble way of life without technology.
I'm convinced people who have realized all this tech short future bad consequences on humanity, need to have a common communication media and share their knowledge on how we can find a way to live tech free in this age. I'm curious am I the only one with such thoughts or other get into this insight too. If you have come to conclusions I did please contact me in comments. Thank you.

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2 Responses to “Human Modern Progression a move forward to Degression”

  1. niki says:
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    I totally agree with everything you are saying , writing , thinking , commencing on . I would only add that , technology is / should / must be used to save us time , money and worries . Why ? Because without technologies our families would be worried about us , no matter if we are 20 km away or 6 000 km , as in my case . Through voice telepathy i can communicate with the loved ones , without dying little by little every day thinking of them , and likewise .I remember when skype came out , and how happy i was and my parents because my brother would not have to pay a dollar a minute to call to bulgaria from USA, usually at 02 at night , so that my parents would not sleep. Let alone that he had to go to a special place to do that. So skype save our family money , time , and eventually worries , because worries are the root of all evil . However , if it was not for technology , life would be somehow more ” boring ” . That is questionable of course because tech kills time better than anything . Example for that would be – Christmas time , waiting for the plane , to go back home after 1-2-3 etc years of not seeing your family , when suddenly you see on the board that the plane is cancelled , due to bad weather . Which in the case of 2 years ago , wasted for whole 4 days . Well , try killing that time without technology . Without laptop, phone to call your family and let them know that you are ok , it is just the plane that will be left . Not that it fell down for example , as the mother instinct would suggest when not calling for hours .
    I HAVE NOT USED SKYPE FOR 1-2 MONTHS NOW . But i use internet – to make my life better . I am in a ship right now , writing this, watching tv simulteniously, after a hard 12 hours work day. That is what technology is giving me the opportunity to do . Just not eccessively ! Too much of anything is going to be a dead end. DEAD END ! Greets hip0 !

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    • admin says:
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      Niki so glad to hear from you bro! So again you sail on a ship. Your point is quite true that technology in many cases could be and are helpful at the present day. However in short time in future they doom us tobecome highly dependent. The fact that we’re starting to so highly bundle with technology that we forget how to live a natural life with them or how to act in cases of technology break down. We just become “servants” of technology. Even the fact that you watch TV after hard work day is because of technology. If there was no TV you would probably spend more time with the ship crew and have a good jokes and time. But thanks to TV and computers and todays tendency that we become a consumer society you’re most of the time (just like me) stick with the computer. Of course what I said in the post is not 100% right, technology in essense is good the bad think is it is being implemented to make us from a people who are binded with the natural God given environment to a cripple infantily technology dependant slaves. Of course you have right that at many cases it saves us great amount of times, like in the example you give with the airplane, this is no doubt. You’re right skype can save you expenses for so expensive phone calls. However your phone call is being tracked and probably recorded for the use of Microsoft and anyone like CIA that might request for the talk with your family, this would be not a problem for me and you since we don’t talk a sensitive information over Skype line but for some people it pose a threat and it is against the laws of human freedom we essentially have.
      “I HAVE NOT USED SKYPE FOR 1-2 MONTHS NOW . But i use internet – to make my life better “

      You’re so lucky I even cannot do that because, they contact me over skype sometimes for my job plus I guess I’m too addicted 😐
      Internet is making life better but i’m lately starting to realize it is too unreal and makes us become quite anti-social as result of not interacting physically with humans (i mean it in friends / brother / relative relations). Yes in a sense you’re right without current technology life would look more boring but way more peaceful and real. I also remember well when skype emerged, I was not lucky as you because my parents didn’t owned a computer and therefore I had no way to speak with them. Also in the beginning I used skype I think the internet was a bit slower than now so it was not really possible to do long skype calls 🙂

      About this example you say:

      “Example for that would be – Christmas time , waiting for the plane , to go back home after 1-2-3 etc years of not seeing your family , when suddenly you see on the board that the plane is cancelled , due to bad weather . Which in the case of 2 years ago , wasted for whole 4 days . Well , try killing that time without technology .”

      It is unthinkable for us on what to do except to use the computer to kill some time. However in the past before technology people were hanging around and meeting the new people on the airport or writting notes or thoughts even some were writting books. Actually the real question is why should you fly to the “other end of the globe” at all. If there was not heavy technology and globalization the local countries economies would be good enough to produce enough for everyone and we would be paid good money even in our own countries. But “thanks” to Globalization (technology is one of main drive behind globalization), now mostly some “pre-selected countries” are producing big quantities and exporting. Individual Countries cannot produce because the price they get is too high and therefore people are jobless then you get crazy enough and go work for someone somewhere so you had to travel all around the globe. Not that the travel is bad but nowdays people are forced to travel too much just because of money reason. Traveling too much is quite unhealthy too ,,,

      My idea behind the post is that being “in deep” now in technology I see the trend and the trend is that it is too much of technology to be all around us in following 10 years. So much that suddenly your natural freedom will be lost and you will be a tech slave to a closed globalized system, even everything would probably be so advanced everywhere that it will be not possible to quitely live in a village and take care for some sheeps or vegetables (for instance nowdays vegetables seeds which are non-modified to produce more hybrids or genetically modified) are already starting to disappear. If you go buy seeds for instance you will notice they have only hybrids, hybids could grow up to 5 years without need to buy a new one and therefore if you have seeds and a village place to grow vegatables even nowdays you can find “eternally growing” seeds like in past. If situation is so bad and even seeds production is dependent on technology then it is obvious it is too much of technology even already, but anyways ;;

      So now you’re in a ship again and quit the job in Norway? Your brother is no longer in Sofia but went to USA to work for this “bastards” 🙂 When you will be coming to Bulgaria, I will be so glad to see you! If you have already decided to not complete higher education you’ve done very good. I’m still in a process of writting my graduation assignment but the current perspectives are it might not happen soon or ever. Anyhow I don’t really care since this university has just lost me money nerves and quite a lot of time, plus you’re tought almost nothing (you know that 🙂 ).

      How is on the ship what you do their, when you have time and see me in Skype call me and we can have a good chat time. By the way it is quite stupid to write here in English. Since we’re both bulgarian.


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