Install shellinabox web SSH shell service on FreeBSD

Ever wondered how you can have a pretty web ssh shell on your FreeBSD?
I hope so, just until recently I was using the python script /usr/local/web-shell/ which allowed me to have a webshell to access my machine via SSH from a web broser.

The bad thing about the was that it was especially prepared for Iphones and it appeared in my browser just in a small part of the browser window.
Another problem with the script was that it doesn’t support work Internet Explorer.

So I heard from David about this ShellinaBox . Basicly shellinabox is another web shell software you can put into your server and access your server via HTTPS protocol directly through a browser.
This is pretty cool, what is even nicer is that there is already a port existing for FreeBSD, as I’m using FreeBSD in my home router that was exactly what I needed.

So here is how I installed the ShellinaBox nice small piece of soft to my FreeBSD system:

freebsd# cd /usr/ports/www/shellinabox
freebsd# make install clean

Now it is installed next step for me was to set up the shellinabox to start up when my FreeBSD box boots in through the /etc/rc.conf bsd booting system:

To do so I added the following two lines in my rc.conf:

freebsd# echo >> shellinaboxd_enable="YES"
freebsd# echo >> shellinaboxd_port="8022"

Now as a last step before you have it up is to launch the shellinabox rc script:

freebsd# /usr/local/etc/rc.d/shellinaboxd start

In order to access the running shellinaboxd daemon on port 8022 you have to point with your browser to http://yourdomain:8022

That’s it login with your credentials and have fun accessing your shell via a browser.

This is very handy thing to use especially if your outbound SSH (22) port access is filtered from some ISPS or private networks.

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