Intel and IBM future tech world vision about the world, do we really want this?

Saturday, 30th June 2012


I'm quite a visionary person as such I'm always interested to prognosis on what the world might look like few years from now. Below are two videos showing IBM and Intel's vision on what might future bring us. I don't know about you but I'm strong in my conviction that I DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN SUCH WORLD. I'm pretty sure that many other people share my opinion that such a world is not fun and is far from what really we're supposed to live. The sad thing is the corporations are already powerful enough to impose their vision and make the vision reality.

It is my understanding that the main problem we have to solve is not how we can embed better or newer technology to change our life (for good?) but rather how we can get out of the trap of living in a fake world like the one displayed in the video. Obviously the vision of this two giant companies is not far from what we're forewarned in the holy bible in Revelation. In revelation we read that there will be a unified system, where everything and everyone on this earth will be market and whoever does not have the mark "of the beast" he will not be able to buy or sell within the system. This prophecy closely matches the vision of future marketing offered as a possible outcome by IBM. I don't think IBM have red in Revelation to get their idea on their infernal system shown within their vision of supermarket video

The logical conclusion might dirive therefore is there is a higher force who leads IBM (and possible most if not all of corporations) on creating the fake tech-nocrat culture society which is building right in front our eyes.
The destruction of real communities and the worsening conditions within the Orthodox Church are another symptom that the End Times as prophecised centuries before are closer than we think.

It is my firm believe that people who does understand about this problem should start uniting and say no to technology innovation that leads us in this technological trap ,,,,,

I'm sure even people who does not have a believe in Jesus Christ and are not Christian from other religions are also seeing that the direction this world has taken up is dark.
We should be very dumb and blind not to see that technology is boxing us and leading us to a modern day techno slavery …..

Intel | Future Technology | Vision

IBM's vision on how future market might look like

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2 Responses to “Intel and IBM future tech world vision about the world, do we really want this?”

  1. Steve Sterling says:
    Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

    Believe it or not, what you say about the inordinate march in technological advancement makes a lot of sense. The world is now in a position where just about anything can be imposed upon the people in the name of progress in technology. From an end of the world perspective, we all hear about the mark of the beast, and from the what we are told in Revelation 13 this cannot be accomplished without advanced technology. Thus, the acceleration of technology may well be by design.

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    • admin says:
      Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

      I saw your website problem is not of the lack of education. Problem is of too much education. I’m thinking sometimes last Christians have to live simple life like the first Christians e.g. with very little or no technology. The scary thing is it seems not very possible to happen someone already get to used to technology to just turn his back to it.

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