Hmmmm…Please allow me to retort, my open minded and objective …

Comment on IQ world rank by country and which are the smartest nations by Johnny Nastasi.

Hmmmm…Please allow me to retort, my open minded and objective friend. The brilliance of the Etruscan people, for one. Then, how could we forget the Roman empire and their enduring contributions to humanity…Architecture, roads, government, law, civil and military engineering, language, roman numerals, literature..etc, albeit, the romans did commit atrocities in the colosseum even if it was more than 2000 years ago. I do believe we’ve evolved since. Unlike the unprecedented atrocities committed by the Germans, Russians, Chinese and several other nations just less than 80 years ago. As far as the Romans are concerned, you can’t dominate most of the then know existing world for over 1000 years by being “RETARD AS FUCK”. Let’s move on to the Italian Renaissance..also know as the birthplace of modern civilization. Now listen up, this is where it gets really interesting. In political and social developments, in intellectual and creative achievement, no other country rivals the variety of what happened in Italy between circa 1320 and circa 1600. So many political units, so much accomplished by artists, writers, musicians, businessmen, political and scientific thinkers, churchmen, soldiers and statesmen. They gave us ballet, opera, oratorio, musical notation, invented the piano and virtually all the stringed instruments created by the greatest luthiers in history, the idea of the perfect gentleman (The book of the courtier) by Castiglione, table manners and etiquette..Italians were first to use the fork for eating. The Italians also taught the French how to cook, don’t take my word for it..look it up..Catherine de Medici took with her the great Italian chefs to France when she was betrothed to the future king. If you research your culinary history properly you’ll be stunned to find out how many recipes or dishes that many assume are French in origin actually originated in Italy. There are a lot more than you think. Most of the greatest artists in history were Italian. It should be noted that music’s debt to Italy is as great as that of painting. They also gave us the Baroque period which dominated Europe for 150 years and whose greatest exponents were mostly Italians. There is just too much to mention as this is just the tip of the iceberg. And don’t get me started on what the Italians are doing today. Amazing developments and pioneering in all fields of erudition. especially in aeronautical engineering, aerospace technology,medicine and science. Perhaps, my infinitely wise and enlightened friend, your standards are much higher than the rest of us. When you start spouting your hatred and your stupidity online, all you’re really accomplishing is exposing your ignorance..grow up.

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