Linux / FreeBSD Text Based Gallery Generator (llgal, igal, igal2, bbgallery)

Monday, 14th September 2009

Recently I was looking for a handy way to generate nice html or php like gallery.After some asking in freenode and some help provided by some guys from #debian chanas well as some personal research. I came across 4 handy progs that works like a charm.Here is a list of the generators:
1. llgal (llgal is an easy and fast on-line gallery generator based on iGal)
2. igal1 and igal2 (igal is a quick and easy program for placing your images online.)
3. bbgallery (small perl script generating the galleries)
.All of this gives you a way to modify the default templates according to your willings.
Be aware that bbgallery requires perl html compatability.
A small example of what you can expect from the newly generated gallery can be seen here generated with llgal and some more here generated with igal .
I personally liked more the generated default galleries with igal because they looked a bit more fancy although that llgal includes a way more advanced possibilities and options.
One of the main things that could lead you into using llgal instead of igal is that llgal supports generation of galleries from directories and subdirectories in a recursive manner, where the end generated output lists you all your pictures from directories and it’s sublinks into a common gallery right into the root directory it was executed.
One more helpful tip in case if you decide to include all subdirectories in a unique gallery use:
llgal –Pall .
llgal comes with a handy howto that describes many of the fancy llgal features.
Hope you have some fun with this three.

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4 Responses to “Linux / FreeBSD Text Based Gallery Generator (llgal, igal, igal2, bbgallery)”

  1. Manual Hodgkins says:
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    Really informative article.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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  2. admin says:
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    llgal is very nice (i prefer it over the rest 2) as it supports resizing the image size to desired dimensions. This is necessery because in lower resolutions like 1024×768 sometimes in browser you cannot see full pictures and you have to uncomfortable scale:

    To set dimension size of output gallery pictures with llgal to standard resolution 1024×768:

    $ llgal –sx 1024
    Listing entries in . :  100.00%
    Preparing entries:  100.00%
    Found 17 entries in current directory
    Using '/usr/share/llgal/slidetemplate.html' as HTML slide template.
    Creating individual slides:  100.00%
    Using '/usr/share/llgal/indextemplate.html' as HTML index template.
    Creating the index.html file:  100.00%
    Found llgal.css in .llgal/, using it.

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  3. georgia freelance writing says:
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    Why did you blog about Linux / FreeBSD Text Based Gallery Generator (llgal, igal, igal2, bbgallery) | Walking in Light with Christ – Faith, Computing, Diary? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great post but it’s just kinda different than your other topics.

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  4. hip0 says:
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    Another two programs able to generate gallery from the command line are:

    jigl and webmagick

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