Long Weekend

Saturday, 3rd May 2008

For some reason it happens that this year the holidays are a bit stretched in time 7 free days! No work, no studies except my exams. We are in an exam session. I have to mention and thank God Almighty for being very gracious to me the last days. Also I should say I have 5 at SPSSS, and 4 at Organizational Behaviour. Talking about the organizational behaviour I managed to cheat on the OB exam thanksfully. I copied most of the stuff from my dear colleague Ina. Also I owe the 5 SPSS mark to her. Also another great news for me was that I was not required to attend the Business English exam, the teacher decided that I and another guy from the group Koko would be freed from exam because of our regularly class attendance and participation.All the above mentioned is just perfect unfortunately there are some bad news for me and in general my specialty and colleagues. It seems it’s not planned for us to have a 3rd year here in the college it’s anticipated that we may have the 3rd year of my studies in Arnhem and it seems The tusion fees and life expenses in Holland if I go there would be too high, we have the option to drop our studies for a year and hopefully wait a year until possibly maybe there would be a 3rd year in the college, unfortunately all this is highly hypothetical. Of course there is still time and I hope God would interfere to set up the best for me and us. Today I went to see my grandma a few times, I asked her to boil me my herbs, I should note I’m still drinking the herbs and I feel better day after thay for which Glory be of course to Our Heavenly Lord! She said no problem and boiled them for me. Hooray just perfect, Here I should emphasize that I really love my grandma and she is so Kind to me! The day was normal yesterday and today I went to Ina’s home because we’re supposed to make a Marketing Plan for the Marketing Planning discipline. The topic of the work is “Entrance of IKEA on the Bulgarian Market”.In the group are Ina, Eva, Zori and me. Until know most of the job on the project is done. Of course it’s because Ina is our group and she is a really awesome organizer and planner. She is a sort of project manager to us. We are working on the project for 2 days, I didn’t participated much to it. I had to start studying for my next exam which is in German and is set for the coming Wednesday, the next week we also have to make a presentation in front of Phd. Todor Dyankov this is for the Marketing II subject. The last days I try to pich some time to play with Windows Vista on my laptop and also try to obtain some general knowledge of it. The day before yesterday I installed the Windows Vista SP1 which is said that improves the Vista performance a lot. I actually I followed and implemented some of the recommendations mentioned in this nice Windows Vista tweakening tutorial. Yesterday I was out with Static he came home and we installed some nice windows software on my new laptop. Here is what we installed:GOM Player – A nice video player, K-lite codec mega pack,the lynx text based web browser for Windows, irssi for windows. Also some days ago from Javor I found out there is a nice dock for Windows vista I strongly recommend it to everybody out there the dock is called RocketDock.A good free VNC client for windows for everybody who needs a VNC is called TightVNC. I alsoinstalled WiXKill which is basicly a xkill like program for windows. I googled around for some basic gnu programs like said and I come upon an interesting project called gnuwin32, check the it out here . Also while googling I found out there is an mc port for windows and installed it. I wondered if there is a good substitute for Nero Burning Rom but free a.k.a. GPLed, the guys from freenode ##Windows pointed me to a very nice cd/dvd burning software called InfraRecorder . The other programs I installed was WinSCP (SFTP client for Windows), Last.FM Client. Here I should open a brackets and say that recently I found out that Last.FM Client program is also ported to FreeBSD so I installed it on jericho (my desktop pc). What was interesting to me was that Last.FM’s source code was licensed under GPL2. Yesterday I and static watched a movie from Cartoon Network called Ben 10, the film is produced by Cartoon Network. I never suspected that Cartoon Network produces movies. Today at the evening I went to Ivailo and Zlatina’s second hand furniture shop. They have just returned from Holland and they have bought a lot of new furniture. There was very interesting things I never thought there were such things existing 🙂 Singing bottles, barometers with thermometer and clock in one, old fashioned seals, very beautiful paintings! All kind of weird and beatiful stuff a man can think of 🙂 A bit later I went to Bino’s home and stayed there for few times installed him a sidebar dock like the Vista’s sidebar dock but for XP, and we went out for a coffee. That’s mostly what’s happening around me. For all this I should say that the Lord’s grace and love surrounds me everywhere I go and the only thing I can do is bless his Holy Name and say Hallelujah! (Glory to the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit) now and forever and ever! Amen! END—–

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