Making your Joomla URLs Google friendly with sh404SEF plugin (Very simple Joomla link SEO)

Sunday, 24th October 2010

For 2 days already I’m playing with Joomla and learning this CMS basic usage.
Along with that I’ve been assigned a task to optimize a Joomla based restaurant website to play well with Search Engines.

After some time researching in Google I’ve found a number of Joomla extensions which seemed very hepful, however I still haven’t tested all of them and I’m still more or less in a process of gettint to know the joomla framework and it’s capabilities.

Anyways I’ve succeeded in installing the sh404SEF extension which I’ve found as a recommended and the most easiest one available out there which is able to rewrite the joomla site URL links to be attractive and more meaningful for Search Engine (BOTs) Crawlers.

Nevertheless it appears that the sh404SEF plugin is no more available in the official website for free and it’s no longer GPL licensed.
So practicly it has almost disappeared from the net, it took me quite an effort to actually find a link to a downloadable version of the plugin. Finally I found this blog containing a download link to the file
Because obviously the sh404SEF joomla extensions seems to be slowly disappear from the net I decided to make a mirror you can download the Joomla com_sh404SEF- plugin for free here

Installing the plugin is very straight forward.

Open the Joomla plugin Installer

You need to go to after logging in to joomla admin to:

Extensions -> Plugin Manager

Then you should install the plugin with the URL installer.

Immediately after installation read the Install and configuration instructions, on the README page to appear you will also notice a link which will lead you directly to the sh404SEF configuration panel from there you can tune many things related to Search Engine Optimization and there you can enable the url links rewritting.

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  1. Ellyn Belville says:
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    Does a website look good built with wordpress? Which is a good one to use as the number of mobile internet users go up?.

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  2. Hansgrohe says:
    Opera 9.64 Opera 9.64 Windows XP Windows XP
    Opera/9.64(Windows NT 5.1; U; en) Presto/2.1.1

    I am delighted that I observed this blog , precisely the right information that I was searching for! .

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