Mind Control – Psychology of Brainwashing, Sex & Hypnosis

Thursday, 7th June 2012

Here is a video in short talking about Brain Washing and how it works. It seems the lady has some good insight on brainwashing, so what she says is sad facts.

Brainwashing is used since the very early days to control the masses. Hitler used it, Stalin used it communist used it heavily to indoctrinate people who lived in Communistic regime. Nowdays in all democratic countries it is also widely used to indoctrinate and influence us to make certain choices in live to buy certain products, eat out of ordinary time to destroy family love and substitute it with constant manipulation between the family members.

Young people who visit regularly discoteques, bars and coffee are mostly brtainwashing each other just repeating information they were previously brain washed with through the TV screen movies, music or "ART" (you know nowdays art has nothing to do with beatiful but is mostly a senseless things).

Manipulation of the masses (Brainwashing – to clean up your brain) means to also destroy people's natural idea of having good and bad, right and wrong, so nowdays most people doesn't live really but they live the lives of some actors or learned behaviours seen on the TV.

The most sad think is the modern world and modernization does stripe off the thinking out of people, so people are becoming ultimate re-peaters. Besides that scripts of almost everything if not all on the Television aims to program our minds with certain ideas or likings. This conditioning through the medias and the daily increasing brainwashing all around us makes us more and more cruel and unloving beasts like. The love people used to have for each other and love for God and for each other is quickly vanishing as a result ,,,
The Mind Control techniques are surely far more advanced from the ones we can find on the internet, so we can be sure our daily social conditioning is way more heavier than we think.


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