Mobile phones, Internet activity, mobility and search engines as a way to spy on you

Thursday, 3rd March 2011

Today almost every regular user on the internet is using the internet on daily basis. Few of us does think deep, how much personal details we all share daily online on the net. For instance social networks could be seen as an advanced way for self interrogation. We all use blogs to share our moods and desires, people mobility has become a necessary evil for doing business and living a daily life. Life without technology is completely out of sense. We are so “addicted” to technology that we cannot live even a day without technology. Question is technology really trustable. Does it always behave the way it is supposed if you do a research on that and think about it you will realize that technology and it’s way of operation is very often unpredictable and nomatter how hard we try to make it reliable it in many cases completely unreliable and behaves against all the basic science laws we all are tought in schools to believe in, since our childhood. Picturing our selves and sharing photos, comments, likings and desires in the social networks online like FACEBOOK does make things even more shitty. We cannot even imagine how much personal data we share nowdays. The message that is spread all around us and is believed to be the best way is transperancy. We are told that the more transparent we are the better things are and will be. This of course is just something based on belief and is far away from truth. Other social networks like twitter are another self interrogation mechanism set-up and running and mostly used in America but nowdays being adopted in Europe as well. In twitter people do share in written form their logs with the world and thus many of them unconscious about their personal privacy does share dozens of personal information thus leaving space for semantic analysis to build them up a very precise electronic profile. Mobile phones, GSM are massively being listened and phone calls recorded according to info from a swiss friend in Switzerland a semantic analysis on the data passing by via the Mobile networks is already applied for dangerous words like for instance “Ganja”, “Terrorist” etc. Our privacy is becoming more and more vague while we are being told that everything new being implemented is increasing our privacy …
Current world situation is really in a serious crisis as a direct consequence of our unspiritual and atheist approach we do have towards reality. Sects are booming around the world and orthodox churches are less and less trusted as well as people’s faith in God is less than faith in technology. If we people continue our lives in such a parasite way of living then it’s obvious that God would leave us without us grace and the evils of the end times of the world, many of us Christians are aware of will be set in the world … We should hope on God’s mercy and pray and change our way of living and start using as less technology as possible as well put our lifes in Christ’s hands and pray that the enlightener of the world Jesus Christ be merciful on us and on all the people who are currently in poverty, sickness and suffering. All I can say as a close up is Lord have mercy!

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