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Friday, 8th February 2013

I've watched a multitude of videos claiming to reveal the secret on how to become millionaire. I'm quite sure thousands of people all around have done so too. Today it is ultra modern for people to persevere after the idea "get-rich-quick". The big problem with this however is it is not possible. Except if you don't steal or don't do something illegal it is practically impossible to become rich quicker. Still as I'm often having troubles with motivation I loose the point in life. Seeing how pointless human progress is and how humanity is going literally nowhere. Anyways as I happen to be born part of this society I have only two ways to deal with situation. One is to quit society and go live in a cave and second is to adapt and start earning money to be able to sustain some existence in this society. I really thought over the idea of living in a Cave as a hermit or a monk live for a while but after time decided to make a family and continue choosing the family live. However I need to periodically motivate myself. As part of this I just found a nice video in youtube. Along with plenty of the junk inside below there is good and wise sayings.  Even though I don't like Steve Jobs methodology and anti-christian philosophy. In terms of motivation and success I should admit he has interesting things to teach people.


Nice Motivating Video to get you back on track – Motivating video for succcess

Enjoy 🙂

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