Hi, Here is a link to a rar archive of the …

Friday, 1st December 2023

Comment on My PHP/ MySQL Restaurant Reservation Form by admin.


Here is a link to a rar archive of the reservation form.

Please tell me if its ok now I can also make a .zip for you if you need it.


admin Also Commented

My PHP/ MySQL Restaurant Reservation Form

Thanks for feedback Matt,

It was a quick form written in few hours for a Kurdish restaurant in Arnhem called Lumier.
At that time, I didn’t really cared of how secure it is. Finally the Kurdish Muslims, didn’t pay me the money, I’ve requeste
even though, I give my best to build it so I decided to droppped developing it.


My PHP/ MySQL Restaurant Reservation Form
Hi thanks, no idea i don’t understand well javascript. Read the code and give it a try.

My PHP/ MySQL Restaurant Reservation Form
glad it helped 🙂

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