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Wednesday, 7th November 2007

I’ve tried running a Holux GPS Slim 256 on a Linux box through bluetooth. And tried to make it workwith “Route 66” Navigation system running with wine. A total mess is the best description forthis. One time I managed to make it connect but I was not really aware how that this happenedactually the connection is being made with the little proggie rfcomm. rfcomm connect 0 “MAC_OF_THE_DEVICE”‘.Ubuntu even have a gnome applet. Unfortunately All my attempts to make it work failed.Today is a day of the days in which man wants not to be alive. I have to fill some questionaries (pretendinga different persons), they’re needed for the Marketing Research Project. Day after day I’m thinking aboutthe monk’s life as a good exit of this terrible reality. Thanks God at least the survers run well.END—–

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