Placing Google Adsense Ads to wordpress (Integrate adsense to your wordpress blog)

Thursday, 28th January 2010

I’m experimenting with Google Adsense recently. It’s not such a big deal.
You’re granted a special javascript code from google that is responsible for showing
up ads to your webpage. I was curious how to integrate this in my wordpress blog.
And looked for a plugin to do the job for me. First I tried:

WordPress Advertising Manager
The plugin looked quite promising I tried it right away just to realize it’s not working, e.g. not
showing ads at all! I found a forum post online, 4 months old of a guy who complaint about the same problem.
Therefore I decided to completely abandon my attempts with WordPress Advertising Manager
I tried another one called:

WordPress Easy Adsense
Luckily this plugin worked like a charm all I did was downloading the plugin placing it in
wp-content/plugins/ as usual and unzipping the archive.
Then I had to simply go and configure the plugin from
Settings -> Easy AdSense
and paste there my Google Adsense code. After that all worked like a charm.
Big thanks to the creater of this wonderful plugin make sure you check his Unreal Blog

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