Rise to Power Bulgaria Rise to Power! – Why we Bulgarians are in the bad state we are?! WHY?!

Thursday, 10th January 2013

Everyone who reads a bit of history, knows Bulgarian nation used to be among the greatest European Nations. We are from the nations in Europe which exist since the ancient 861. Bulgaria is also among the nations which become Christian in the early 864 A.D. Why then now after all this years of Glory Bulgaria came up to the bad state it is now? Wasn't we a great country which gave birth to many nations, cultures and languages. It was Bulgaria which was among the main barriers who prevented muslim (Turkish Empire) invasion in Western Europe. It was Bulgaria which was the main spiritual center keeper of truthful Orthodox Christian faith. Most of the ancient texts in Church Slavonic as Russians calls old-Bulgarian Church manuscripts are created within the territory of ancient Bulgarian Empire. It is probably news for many  Bulgarians, we Bulgarians had glory was taking territory about 1/6 of all Europe and were central spiritual and culture enlightenment center for 5 centuries. Our ancestors then suffered a lot, we were under a heavy yoke of Turkish which often mistreated us. We had countless number of Christian martyrs throughout the 5-th century of slavory under Ottoman Turkish. Our ancestors kept the Orthodox Christian faith for 5 centuries from 14 to 19 century unshakable. And now in this age most Bulgarians forgot about their source of power the Orthodox Faith in Christ. Our politicians become corrupted, because of their disbelief in God. Even our own Bulgarian brothers become corrupted because they forgot about Christ and his Holy Church. The Bulgarian Church today is in a terrible state, mostly filled with old people. Most of the priests are not missionaries and not shepherds. The 45 years of communism in 1944 to 1991 was another dark age after the 40 years of liberation. Then from 1991 till very now we're again in darkness and poorness, we suffer again. Being a Bulgarian is almost equal to being a sufferer. We need to raise and chase the people who lead the country to this darkness we're in. We're in European Union but it is very questionable if European Union helps us or just makes us poorer. Most people in Bulgaria can't pay their ordinary bills, there is almost no working social system. There is no opportunity for young initiative people. Even outside of our country, nomatter how brilliant a person is we're being mistreated. Now in big part of European Union Bulgarians are not allowed to work because, we don't belong to the Shengen Zone.We and our ancestors are great sufferers, we have been under a yoke longer than Jewish. Jewish people were under slavery of Romans 400 years, we Bulgarians were under a slavery 500 years!
In 1st World War, we were among the looser countries, in 2nd World war we were among loosers and  just around the end of the war we joined the winners. Most of time being a Bulgarian  means just being a sufferer and looser. Now situation is even more terrible, as most gipsys who live outside of Bulgaria, say they're Bulgarian. So even among western  countries, it is thought gipsys are Bulgarians …. Why this all happens Why? From a Nation of high power and great Kings and rich culture, we become poor and hated by all. Most of Bulgarians don't have money, now most of them don't have even big hearts and rich spirituality. We become both poor spiritually and  physically. Why this all happens why? If you're Bulgarian outside of Bulgaria, do something help your country, don't leave your suffering brothers and sisters, don't live just for yourself, live for your neighbors and your nation, learn  your history and culture share your food and goods with your neigbors. Don't be afraid to suffer, it is anyways our faith, at least let us suffer with dignity. Pray for Bulgaria, pray that Bulgaria heals. Why Lord you forgotten your previously beloved nation, raise up, raise up and revenge your enemies, help Bulgarians to Raise back to power and glory just like in ancient times. Chase away the evils and bad from our homeland, collect again our close Slavonic  nations remember of their motherland Bulgaria and help it and unite with it! Let light again shine over Bulgaria! Let Bulgaria Rise! Rise Bulgaria Rise!

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