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Playing Doom 2 on Nokia 9300i using C2Doom for S80

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

c2doom logo

Few weeks ago, I was able to install and run properly
the wonderful oldschool game a favourite choice of every
computer geek there Doom 2 on my Nokia 9300i.
It took me a while until I was able to make the game work correctly
on this smartphone, well anyways.
Here is step by step explanation on how, I achieved in running the game
on the Nokia 9300i.

1. Download and install The c2doom file on your mobile
2. Download Doom 2′s original WAD file
3. Copy the file to your mobile via bluetooth and store it somewhere
on your memory card or the main drive (The Communicator).

This should be it, Doom2′s nokia program will automatically scan your mobile
phone drives and determine if doom’s wad is available and if it’s available
will automatically run the game with the found wad file.
I believe C2DOOM would support both Doom.wad
(to enable you play doom 1) and Doom2.wad to play (Doom 2).
I even tried C2Doom with the freedoom available WAD files,
unfortunately the game won’t run with them.
It hangs right after loading the wad file. So playing freedoom via C2DOOM
is impossible at the present moment. Let’s hope the future releases of the doomport for Nokia C2DOOM will support it as well.
Just to conclude the post, let me tell you that the game play and everything
is identical to the original PC DOOM 2 game. This is really awesome!
Even Doom 2′s cheats like:

1. idkfa – grants you all the weapons
2. iddqd – grants you immortality
work in the game
The original download page of the Doom game port for Symbian is located here
Check it out for even more stuff, the website provides you with other valuable
cool stuff, like for example the Doom Music Player which
is able to play you doom’s soundtrack 🙂 Pretty Cool man, pretty Cool! 🙂

Ping Utility (Service) for Nokia Communicator 9300i

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

I was looking for an app to diagnose my network problems for my Nokia 9300i.
Luckily the company aspicore has created a handy app enabling the Nokia user to
do that through acping. Here is a link to a blog post which explains more about
acping and provides a download link for acping .

Nokia Communicator 9300i Call Register (Received Calls, Missed Calls, Dialed Calls) cannot delete problem

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

There is a terrible bug in the Nokia Communicator firmware (the bug appears
in Nokia 9300i running Symbian Software Series 80 v2,
my Nokia (Control Center -> About Product) reports
version 5.50. The bug is really ugly since the phone fails to delete,
received calls, missed calls, dialed calls records.
It took me a while to track the error, however finally I got it,
thanks to a friend of mine who has experienced already the same on his phone.
The error was caused by something pretty dumb. OK enough gibberish,the problem is caused by a wrong system date!, how stupid, fixing the
date from Control Center is simply and effective fix. Even though that would
fix your phone so you can successfully delete in the future from call register,
you won’t be able to see your received calls before you fix the issue.
Therefore after some googling I’ve found a nice software that is able to manageyour call register logs in a much bug free way the soft I’ve found from rapidshare,
and luckily comes with a crack. You can download (Advanced Call Manager)
from the mirrored copy I made for you here Download Advanced Call Manager (ACM) version 2.51 (Cracked) .
Another great thing about Advanced Call Manager is that all
your in and out calls + missed calls are logged and ready to be found,
even those not showing up in the normal Call Register software that comes bundled with the phone.

Playing Day of the Tentacle on Nokia 9300i through ScummVM ! :)

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

A week ago I played a bit with my Nokia Communicator 9300i phone.
I have a gamer background so the good old dos games as well as the
rest of the arcade video games I used to play in my youth has missed
me a lot. A quick search in Google revealed that the Free Software
Lucas Arts Emulator ScummVM
/> is able to run on the oldy Symbian OS on my smart phone Nokia Communicator 9300i.
It’s an interesting fact that ScummVM stands for
(Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion Virtual Machine) :).Here is how the nice free soft enabled me to play the wonderful oldschool game:
Day of the Tentacle (or as more known in true gamers world Maniac Mansion 2).

1. I’ve used the following scummvm symbian mobile s80 release.
It was truly my pleasure that scummvm worked out of the box. Next I had to download
a version of Day of the Tentacle prepared to run directly with ScummVM from thepiratebay’s
torrent tracker.

2. Here is a prepared to run version of the Day of the Tentacle (DOTT) game for scummvm .
In order to run the game, download the below tar archive untar it, and copy it to some dir
in your mobile. Next start your ScummVM and choose the directory where the game is stored.
And voila, the game works perfeclty.
I was amazed to see that the game could work so flawless on the Nokia.
Anyways I have to note that sometimes, game is a bit sluggish for a couple of secs.
It even crashed my phone once when I received a phone call during play.
Apart from this minor issues, it’s really great to loose some time with this good oldy while
waith on the bus stop or travelling around. 🙂

Playing Sega Mega Drive Games on Nokia 9300 / 9300i, Step by step howto install and play best sega mega drive games on Nokia 9300i on (picodrive)

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Ever thought about playing your favourite good old arcade games on Nokia 9300i?
I did ! It took me a while until I can play my favourite games from my youth,
however I was lucky to make it work.
1. In order to play the Sega games I have to use a Picodrive (a sega mega drive emulatorwho was originally written for Risc OS) and then was ported for our shiny mobile phones.The port that worked on my Nokia 9300i was picodrives80s90_0_5_latest_04-06-2006.sis
I have to admit it was a real pain in the ass to find the working version of Picodrive for the
Nokia 9300i mobile. So I hope you’ll be more happy than me simply following the picodrive
download location provided in the download link above.

2. After having the properly installed version of picodrive on your Nokia.
create a folder (preferably) on your memory card. Assure yourself the new created folder
is called pdgames.
3. Download some Sega Genesis roms from orany other large Sega Genesis rom archive on the Internet.
4. Top 50 WORKING (recommended to playgames) for the picodrive emulator are as follows:
(N.B.! Originally the list of games was taken from allaboutsymbian’s website forums 1. Altered Beast2. California Games3. Cannon Fodder4. Columns5. Coolspot6. Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine7. Dragon's Fury8. Family Fortunes9. Fatal Fury10. FIFA 9711. Golf12. Greatest Heavyweights Boxing13. Green Dog14. Hard Drivin'15. Jungle Strike16. Lemmings17. Marble Madness18. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker19. Micky Mouse in Enchanted Castle20. Mortal Kombat21. Mutant League Football22. NBA Jam23. Outrun24. Paper Boy 225. Pit Fighter26. Revenge of Shinobi27. Road Rash28. Road Rash 229. Road Rash 330. Rocket Knight Adventures31. Simpsons, The - Krusty's Super Funhouse32. Sonic & Knuckles33. Sonic 134. Sonic 235. Sonic 336. Sonic 3d Blast37. Sonic Crackers38. Sonic Spinball39. Splatter House 240. Streets of Rage 141. Streets of Rage 242. Streets of Rage 343. Strider44. Super Monaco Grand Prix45. Taz Mania46. Tiny Toon Adventures47. Toejam and Earl48. Two Crude Dudes49. Virtua Fighter 2 vs Tekken 250. WWF Wrestlemania
Even though the list conatins plenty of wonderful sega games. Not all the games forementioned
were suitable for my personal liking.
Thus I’ve selected a custom list of games which I like more:
The roms I’ve installed on my Nokia 9300i, I’ve bundled in a small archive that can be downloaded
here, my picodrive_nokia9300i_favourite_roms_collection .
Well I was increadibly happy to be able to play this oldschool games on my phone! Hope you’ll experience the same wonderful joy!
Cheers 🙂