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Add Cyrillic Support (Bulgarian / Russian letters) to your Nokia 9300i mobile through Psiloc Crystal Cyrillic

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Since quite some time, I’m researching on how to add Cyrillic letters support to my Nokia 9300i.
Russian language has emerged (was conveyed) some many years ago to Russia as a derivative from Bulgarian. The initial Cyrillic alphabetas hopefully we all know was created by the Saint brothers Cyril and Methodius who developed the cyrillic alphabet in the 8th century. Later on some of their invented new alphabet letters went through a development (simplification) done by the 7 pupils of the Holy brothers.
Many people are not aware that the Slavonic language e.g. the created alphabet and consequently language by st. Cyril and Methodius was prepared with the ultimate Goal to translate The Holy Bible.
Anyways let’s go back to the initial task of adding cyrillic support for Nokia 9300i.
Since Russian language is again cyrillic and contains all the cyrillic letters which are available in the Bulgarian alphabet as well.Finding any software that is able to do russification of the Nokia 9300i environment would do the trick of adding cyrillic to the Nokia.
Few months earlier I tried a couple of ways to add the slavonic cyrillic letters support for my native language Bulgarian.
One of the Softwares I tried and I couldn’t make work was called RUNokia . This bit of software was initially developed to work on Nokia 9210, so I tried it knowing that most of the applicaitons developed for the Nokia 9210 mobile platform are also compatible with Nokia 9300i’s mobile platform.
Well obviosly I was wrong, RUNokia failed to run on my Nokia for a complex reasons.
However this time I was lucky, I succeded in adding the cyrillization using the:

Psiloc Crystal Cyrillic S80 product

Here is a screenshot on how Psiloc Crystal Cyrillic localization for Nokia 9300/9500 looks like:

Nokia 9300/9500 Psiloc Crystal Cyrillic localization

To install Psiloc Crystal Cyrillic on your Mobile:

1. Download the Psiloc Crystal Cyrillic for the s80 platform

2. Transfer the the file Psiloc_CrystalCyrillic_s80.sis to your mobile through bluetooth.

– Enable the bluetooth on your mobile pressing the keys : Chr + Left Arrow Key simultaneously.

– Use your favourite bluetooth program to transfer the file to your mobile.
I personally use the Linux Bluetooth Applet to transfer the application to my mobile.

3. Install the application using Nokia 9300i’s File Manager program
– Install by pressing twice the Psiloc_CrystalCyrillic_S80.sis application program

4. Now go to your newly installed Psiloc Crystal Cyrillic program.

The program should appear whenever you have selected it to appear with the icon:
Cyrillic Psiloc iconCyrillic on Symbian

– When the Psiloc Crysatal Cyrillic on Symbian interface pops up you will have to change two values:
I. In Psiloc Crystal Menu: Enable Cyrillic on Symbian should equal Yes
II. In the Advanced menu, I recommend you change the Email Format to: UTF-8 or your desired charset

5. As a next step we’ll have to register the application
Fortunately Psiloc are providing a Free registration code, here are the concrete instructions you’ll have to follow to register the psiloc cyrillic application:
(below instructions are a quote from psiloc cyrillic website)

If you would like to get this application for FREE, please register using this license code:663542671392124 and then follow the registration procedures listed below:

1. Download and launch the application using your mobile phone.

2. Select "License" from the "Options" menu.

3. Select "Activate application."

4 Select "Activate application" (using the license code).

5. Once the prompt appears, please carefully enter your LICENSE CODE, which you will find in your order confirmation and press OK/Accept.

6. A prompt will appear asking you to connect to our server either via the Internet or via SMS to complete the registration process. Please choose one of the two options to complete the process.

7. Application is licensed.

In order to follow the aforementioned procedure you’ll either have to use an e-mail as a registration mean or use directly the Internet.
I decided to the net, So before I can register succesfully using the internet I had to connect my phone to the Internet.
The Wireless connection to a nearby wireless router was established using the Nokia embedded browser by selecting my wireless network of choice.
I advice you to approach the situation in the same way or otherwise you won’t be able to succesfully register the Psiloc Cyrillic program.
Now as a last step before a tiny box appears allowing you to change between Russian and English language, you will be askedto restart your mobile phone. Just accept the restart dialog confirmal and wait for your mobile phone to reboot.
As soon as it boots again you will be able to change between the Russian and English language key pressing Ctrl + Chr
While your mobile input is switched on to Russian charsets, expect the phone to be a bit more sluggish.
Now as you have the Cyrillic character set via the Russian language, you can use the Russian charsets to type in Bulgarian Language.
However there is one major nasty thing about it, the keyboard character order equals to a normal cyrillic Russian, keyboard. So it will take you a while before you’re adherent to the Russian cyrillic typeset.
But anyways, thing in life are not perfect, get used to that 😀