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Qmail Adventures

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Yesterday I started migrating from old bad configured sendmail to qmail.
Today. I spent 5 hours in the college, fighting with one qmail server.
Almost everything is setupped now. Except that qmail-scanner doesn’t work
properly for some misterious reason. All the time when I try to deliver
message to the box I get this err. :”qq temporary problem”. I’ve tried
everything I can think of Googled around but bad luck.
I’m still feeling Lost. In the afternoon I felt really bad.
Some Demons tried to torment me, I started having the problem
with hard breathing for some time. Praise the Lord. God helped me.
I’m really feeling Lost most of the time. I hope God will deliver me
and set me on a good way. This is my only hope.
5 more minutes and I’m going to bed.

Praise the Lord. HalleluYah.