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Some Old School from Dobrich (Alegoria!)

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

I was examinining my Desktop machine which I haven’t played with for a year and I found a nice dir “from_jivko”. Jivko is a friend of mine who played in a nice old school band in Dobrich. The band is called Alegoria. That was awesome times, probably because this was the times of my youth, I would hardly forget all the nice Rock concerts organized in the “Mladezhki Dom” (Young’s House), a place left from communism dedicated to be a center of development in the spheres of art, music, dance etc. for the teenagers and developing youth. Alegoria was a band who played actively in music genre of Punk/Rock in the period (1997 – 1999), it’s possible that there latest concert was in 2000. Even though the band does existed for so little time. It was quite productive and their sound I would call unique :). In the same period there was another interesting band playing in Dobrich, their genre was mostly similar to Nu metal (Coal Chamber and alike), as well they played sort of mix of Coal Chamber and Rage Against the Machine , the letter band was named BFD. Last year a friend of mine Jivko who was a member of Alegoria playing the drums. Sent me an Archive which included some of the Alegoria songs as well as if I recall correctly one of the tracks baked by BFD, the archive also included also an old school bulgarian in the punk tradition called Abort.
Anyways Download the Alegoria songs here , the rest of the Abort songs could be found in here . I enjoyed a lot listening to this nice old crap! 🙂 Hope somebody out there would enjoy it too.END—–