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Amsterdam Pictures & My weekend

Monday, March 9th, 2009

I had that sadness,desperation feeling again. I’m starting to feel that this is somehow relatedto my stay in the dormitory. I guess the devil is trying to bring me down, however I’m surethe Lord Jesus my saviour would beat him up really bad :D.Here is a link to the pictures we have token with Zlati in Amsterdam Amsterdam pics .Let me review in few words my weekend. On laundry done my laundry strethed out my clothes etc. Went to bed quite late.Saturday I woke up, can’t precisely remember what I did then. I remember I had that sorrow in me. Oh Lord, Oh Lord help pls.ON saturday I went to Sali’s place to teach him and his wife a bit of simple Windows basic things, then we went out and wentto Lumiere the restaurant where Ina and Javor are working right now. We was on a way to have an argue withTazira (the wife of the owner of the restaurant), because I mentioned that Jesus is the Son of God. And sheoutlined that that’s not true, however for good or bad the argue didn’t progressed. Sali introduced me thereto a Pakistan guy, nice guy btw. He decided to pay our drinks which was pretty kind of him. We had a small walkaround the city center around midnight and then we took the bikes from the bike parking and heded back to home.On Sunday I slept until 11:43 I believe, then I gathered my clothes from the drying ropes. Then sit on my notebookand did something, I cannot recall right now. Anyways then I had to right my “Commission” part for the SHR Project.Sali ring in skype and offered me to show me a nice big park they have here in Arnhem, I acccepted and headedto his place. Drago and Pavel were there we drinked coffee together another boy I know rom the college Didocame there. Sali and her wife treated us with some candies and chocolate bars. Then we went to that park the as we hadprevfiously agreed. The park is called Sonsbeek. It was quite relaxing to be there thanks God. Now I’m homereviewing and fixing parts of what we have written previously for the IMM project. END—–