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Monday, June 2nd, 2008

At Saturday me and two friends (Static and Bino) went to Varna. We went to Kavarna with Mitko’s car Mitko is known with the alias (Metallikata). I went to the Orthodox Church which was still opened at 19:00. And I was lucky to meet Borko there an Orthodox Chirstian at a service in a temple in Varna. When I was in Varna I went I attended his lectures and also the groups formed to help ppl enter the Church life and help the ppl to develop better communication skills. The Apocalyptica concert wasn’t bad at all although it sounded to me banal, recently I’m listening to alot of classical music so there performance which probably is starting to develop a different musical views/tastes in me. So as a result the Apocalyptica perforamce was like a big scramble comparing to the wonderful works of Buxtehude and Bach and musicians of that rank. The supporting band in the concert was from Bulgaria, Plovdiv they were called “The Strinngs”, interesting band they had 3 violion players two guitar players and a drummer. END—–