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Download Valiak Asvaltirai Trudno 2

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Here I have uploaded a great oldschool metal/rap/hardcore band named Valiak Enjoy !Also I have fasted drinking only water for 3 days seeking for the Lord’s healing and guidance I hope the Lord has heard my cry.Today I was in Niki e.g. Sha’Nar we have to reinstall his Windows XP Pro 2 because the machine often freezes during gameplay :).Everything went fine. Also Today I had re-reexam in Marketing. I tried to give my best also I haven’t studied for it seriously.Hope that the teacher would allow me to pass. I also red as I usually do, a little from the Holy Bible. I went to the centralmarket to buy Fish, well I think that’s most of how my day passed. I haven’t smoked today this is a big thing ! :)My finishing words would be “Bless The Lord, Oh my Soul for he forgives you all sins and tresspases”. Blessed be The Lord of Hosts! :)END—–