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A serious kernel vulnerability allows local attackers to attain root privileges

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

A new exploit is out vmsplice Local root exploit. All Linux users are advised to update. Debian has released a new package fixing the issue. friends of mine static informed me that the exploit Doesn’t rewt an updated CentOS. My debian system has proved vulnerable. I was pretty much surprisedwhen a friend of mine called and said hey man try logging with your user “hipo” :). I suspected something is wrongmaybe he have changed my username pass. Luckily he hasn’t although later I was not able to login :). He just testedthe new exploit below on pc-freak. Luckily I have such friends to remind me of a problems very early.I guess this exploit is going to put a lot of havoc in the Linux world. But yeash that’s life. Today Plamenkothe guitarist came home and was my guest. We have downloaded some of hi (mountain clips) and put them on DVDs.Later I drinked a coffee with arkadietz and static. They were in an euphoria because of this exploit.I advice everybody there to patch as fast as possible or expect surprises :)END—–