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Automating size tailoring of Youtube Embedded Videos and Inserted Images in WordPress blogs

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

I regularly embed Youtube videos in my blog posts just like most bloggers do. With the grow of video materials, embedding a video along with your shorty study is very handy. Whoever has embedded videos in WordPress knows it is as simple as copy pasting the embed code provided by youtube's Share button (located little below the video Window).

youtube example for random video embed code screenshot with selector

Often the video provided by youtube is varying in sizing making the embedded video on my blog (and probably on others) override a content placed on the right as BlogRoll links, Recent Posts, Twitter of Facebook (Follow / Share) buttons etc.

As with every piece of nice free software, wordpress is quickly developing becoming better and better, every next day; One of the recent developments WordPress developers did is adding it a capability for limiting an Embedded Media Settings size. Doing so makes wordpress to automatically tailor the size of embedded videos, so you don't have every time when embedding a new video to bother changing inside the generated youtube embed code, but wordpress does this auto for you while pressing the Post Publish button.

Enabling automatic video size tailoring in WordPress is done like so:

1. Login to Wordress with admin user ( or whatever WP admin URL is)

2. On the left menu you will see the Settings menu, use sub-menu Media, i.e.

Settings -> Media

wordpress blog wp admin administrator settings media menu location screenshot

Like you see on below screenshot, besides being able to automatically adjust Embedded codes (videos objects) wordpress is capable of automatically pass article images options to set every inserted image to certain pre-defined size.

wordpress blog change embed image media settingsscreenshot - auto tailoring youtube videos in wordpress

Setting a Custom Image size along with Custom Embed desired size is very handy and saves a lot of time. So far everytime when I write a new post on my blog and included a picture in it, I loose time to adjust the picture to 480×315 pixels (a good picture sizing looking good on screen resolutions from 1024 and higher).

Thus in future this little trick will save me up to few minutes whether I write an article with plenty of pictures or videos 😉

The process of embedding becomes even more easier if you are using already some Advanced functionality WordPress Article editor like FCKEDITOR for wordpress plugin
If you have fckeditor, you can straight embed the automatically shrinked to your set size by using FCKEDITOR's flash button instead of loosing each time when copying the embed code by pressing below the youtube video Share and Embed buttons.

Actually just about an year ago, the default wordpress editor TinyMCE used to have native support for Embedding youtube videos through a button called Insert / Edit Embedded Media, but due to copyright protections it was removed from wordpress. There is also one other wp plugin called Embedded Video Plugin but as long as I tested this one in the past it never used to work for me (though nowadays it might be working fine with embedding youtube videos)

soulfly embed video share and embed code- buttons screenshot

Well that's all folks. Hope my little post helps someone 🙂