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Back Home again

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

We successfully traveled back from the Netherlands with my father’s car. The whole trip lasted for around 33 hours. It’s pretty cool to travel with car even though that such a long travels are quite exhausting. In our way we stopped in a fuel station in Hungary. Romania is really wonderful this people have a church in almost every living place no matter village, town or a city. What is even better is that their faith is they’re orthodox christians just like us bulgarians the only difference is that they have a church services in romanian (latin letters). We were lucky and obviously God has guided us throught our travel. On a couple of times without his help we surely won’t be able to avoid a car crash. We almost got hit by a track … The time in the Netherlands wasn’t bad at all. Sali and his wife Mimi were quite welcoming as always. We stayed there for 7 days I believe. During our stay there we went to the car market in Utrecht as well as to another market extra cheap market in Essen (Germany) mostly consisting of techniques second hand. I’ve felt more confortable in Germany than in the Netherlands. We also spend a nice time with Minko Sali and Mimi’s young son in a children park. My higher education is going nowhere again which for me is pretty normal I guess. I’ve had a small chat with Frank Vonk in Wednesday for an hour and his arrogant behaviour and his attempts to convince me that my faith is something withholding me and influencing me badly and his attempts to convince me that my faith in Christ is in vain because there is no God and I’m manipulating myself was ridiculuous. After all it’s even funny how God has granted him so much and the guy couldn’t appreciate. I went for a talk with him to know more about what are my options to continue my study, apperantly the teachers don’t want me there. Most probably because they know that I know that the things happening in school and being “tought” are a sick experiments and ideas inspired by scientology and other sick psychological literature, one example for that is the works of Eric Bernst, Karpman’s drama triangle and a couple of other methods dealing with Neuro Linguistic Programming which by the way is quite related to scientology. What is really nice is that my parents are not angry at me for the fact that I might be not able to complete my studies and do realize that my personal well being is a way more important than a higher education diploma. By the way when we were traveling in Romania we stopped for a rest on a place with a nice springing water somewhere in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains. By the way this place is really scary, this time by God’s grace there wasn’t much traffic and we didn’t experienced complications by the heavy traffic. Right at the moment my mom invited me for a dinner and I’m listening to Larry Norman :)I thank God for everything !END—–