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A quick way to change picture background with the Gimp

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

I wanted to change the background of a picture of a Russian Orthodox Cross I’ve downloaded from the net. After some time spend experimenting and reading a couple of articles online I did it :).
Here is how:
1. Open an Image in Gimp through the File -> Open as Layers menu.2. Use Fuzzy Select tool to select regions based on color of the image you'd like to change the background.3. Open a new File in Gimp via New -> File menus.4. Select again the window containing the image you selected with the Fuzzy Tool and press Ctrl+X.5. Now go again to the newly opened picture and use the: Bucket Fill Tool with some selected color to select thenew background for the future image.6. Now after having a background color already selected use Ctrl+V to paste your previous selectionWell congrats, you should now be having the good old image on a shiny new background.END—–

Energy Saving simply by changing Google’s background color

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Recently I heard from a friend, somebody made a calculation and estimated that there are a lot of electricity gone for nothing just by the white color background of Google thus if everybody on the planet simply choose to change the background to black of his beloved search engine google it’s possible to save a lot of energy up to 750 MegaWatts per year, thus the website blackle was created. Of course blackle does make requests to Google and it needs some more energy to keep the website up running and serving on the other hand routers which route the traffic to blackle and later redirecting to google are consuming energy too, thus my personal belief is it’s pretty controversial does it really save energy to use blackle. There is another alternative and this is Firefox plugin called GreaseMonkey+the custom userscript called “dark google”. This plugin in combination with the script makes Google’s background black through few browser defined Javascripts and uses directly the Google search engine. I personally I’m going to try that and if it’s working fine maybe I’m going to use that. From my perspective there is another reason for which you may use Google on a black background. Maybe at least 10 or 20% of the time I’m infront the PC I use Google, so using Black background on my Laptop LCD screen is beneficial for the slower depreciation of my LCD screen, it’s well known that in order to make an LCD pixel white white is illuminated thus with the months and years making that pixel more likely to burn. On the other hand using black background makes your black pixels less used and abused 🙂 by the illuminating light on the pixel’s molecules all the time the probability for a problems increases tremendously. To figure that out I used common logic so ofcourse I may be wrong. Thinking in the same manner I think a lot of energy could be saved by the simply altering most or all of the background colors out there.END—–