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A Church Service in Balgareevo and the pilgrimage of the Holy Cross

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Today was a blessed day, Praise the Lord! The day started with a holy Liturgy in theChurch Holy Trinity in my hometown. A brother in Christ and a friend of mineinvited me to join him and his girlfriend for a pilgrimage journey to Balgareevo,a village in Bulgaria situated 6 km. away from Varna. What made this place so specialwas the blessing to worship a small particle a Holy remnant of the Cross on whichour Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ was crucified. Besides that in the Churchst. Archangel Michael in Balgareevo some other relics of a saints were exhibitedfor veneration. Thanks God, we have traveled safely to Balgareevo and backwith Ceco’s car. We were accompanied by a cute old lady who made the travel timequite enjoyable singing old Romanian songs and telling us some of her nice poems.She also blessed us numerous times throughout the trip and expressed her deepgratitude that we took her for the pilgrimage. The pilgrimage was wonderful, the cross itself to which the particle of the HolyRemnanant of our Saviour’s Cross was embeded was filled in with huge spiritual powerand joy. After we worshipped the holy relics and the our Lord’s cross. We followedthe priest who had triumphantly went from the church wherein we were to the cloisterwhere a lot of delicious food was awaiting us. The metropolitans who were present(Metropolitan Ilarion and Metropolitan Kiril) with the other priests present serveda consecation service and blessed the food. After which we again honored the holycross to which the remnant of our Lord’s cross was attached and had a great timeeating the blessed food. We spend like 2 hours in which we also had the pleasureto meet the main priest who is responsible for Balgareevo’s church. He told usa few of his ingights he gathered as interpretations of Revelations of the Holy Bible.And how we the Orthodox Christians should be careful in what kind of food we eat, hestressed out that a lot of the food we devour nowdays is spiritually contaminated andhow does the devil exercise control over us through the control he is granted by themany non-natural home-grown food and drinks we consume daily. Even though this teachingis not officially recognized by the orthodox church, he probably has some point about it,and there is certain truth in that priest sayings. However it’s to everybody to decide.Later on with God’s help we traveled back to Dobrich and I went to see my grandma after which I went to my aunt Zlatina to configure theirnew wireless router as well as to fix her two notebooks running Ubuntu Linux. The two Linuxes had some annyoing problems with auto-connection to thewireless networks, on one of the two machines the connetion problems wereprobably a consequence of the malfunction of the gnome-keyring daemon.On the other one the system had some weird problems with remembering the passphrasefor the TPK-PSK WPA2 2 wireless connction.Another really weird problem in Ubuntu on the amd64 Ubuntu 9.04 on their Toshiba L300 PLSBGE laptopwas that randomly the screen size changed. Sometimes displaying the default resolution in a Fullscreensometimes narrowing the screen? I guess a bug probably in the 64 bit release of Ubuntu).The day as I said earlier was quite dynamic, I met a friend of mine for a chat mainlydiscussing about faith issues. Laters I went out to see the New Rock Club they which wasrecently opened here in (Dobrich). I also had a discussion with another friendconcerning the desperating situation in which we oftenly fell and how partly thisis caused by the country politics and social system. END—–