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A few Christian bands recommended by a friend of mine

Friday, September 4th, 2009

I’ve recently been to a friend’s work place for a reason and in the mean time I got a couple of suggestions of a nice christian bands. This are:
1. ApologetiX – A nice christian band who does cover a famous rock / metal / pop songs changing the lyrics with a christian bible based lyrics. More about the band here .
2. Andy Hunter – A Christian DJ who happens to be the creator of the music of some famous computer gmes like for example Need for Speed Undeground.
3. Glenn Kaiser – A band named after the guy Glenn Kaiser who was a long time guitar player and a singer in the great famous christian hard rock band “Resurrection Band” or as we fans call it in short “Rez Band”.

Next I’m going to list a couple of nice Christian Industrial bands worthy to listen.
1. Argyle Park
2. Klank
3. BrainChild
4. Chatterbox
5. Circle of Dust
6. Cyber Shadow
7. Juggernautz
8. X-Propagation

Something else really valueable to me is a band called: Neuropunk Ru, I’ve downloaded this from another friend of mine known under the alias Static. I have to express my gratitude to him for sharing this valueable peace of music with me.END—–