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Barcoder for Nokia 9300i (finding a product origin through the barcode)

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Barcoder nokia mobile

Have you ever wondered on how you could check the product bought from the store origin by it’s barcode?
Every product produced nowadays has a barcode sticker somewhere on it’s cover.
In the economically developed countries, almost 100% of the products has a barcode. This barcode is a identifier on where does a certain product origins from.
Barcodes does facilitate the process of tracking a product as well as finding some more information about a certain product.
It also helps in speeding up the product identification, it also speeds up the time necessary to mark the product in stores.
I guess almost everybody has been into a store where they use a barcode reader device to mark your bought products.

Barcodes has subliminally become a very essential part of humanity daily life.
Thus I found handy to have a program on your smartphone mobile to read barcodes.
I haven’t done a thorough research on the barcode number reader programs online, however I’ve came across a Russian program called BarCoder which is able to read barcode numbers sequence to be found below the barcode strip lines.

The BarCoder program is very handy especially in stores where you buy food, technical equipment, ironware, electronics … you name it.

May products nowadays doesn’t include a country or region stated where the product has been produced.
However the products still contain the barcode, by entering the barcode number sequence into Barcoder , the program reports where the product was produced.

You can download the barcoder freeware here