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Business Research Projects – A Solution Oriented Approach (Electronic Book Download)

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Business Research Projects

Two years ago while I was still studying in the E cluster in HRQM study stream – Arnhem Business School, I was following the study module Counseling The study Counseling teacher recommended us a book to read called Business Research projects – A Solution Oriented Approach. The book is authored by Jimmy Keizer and Piet Kempen.

I’ve red the book and I found many of the things inside quite interesting and educative.
Since the book’s electornic version is not easy to find and yet I somehow managed to download it from somewhere back in the days I decided to share it here for convenience of some future students that will be prescribed to read the book and doesn’t have the money resourse to buy the book in either electronic or hard copy.

Therefore you can download the Business Research Projects – “A solution Oriented Approach” book here
I hope this book will help some poor student out there.
Well, enjoy the book read! 🙂