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What is Sufism (An interesting Muslim Sect, combining teachings from both Islam and Christianity)

Sunday, February 7th, 2010

I decided to blog about Sufism , cause I found it really interesting. I first heard about Sufism, as areligious stream as a reference following some readings about Rumi Mevlana after
I’ve been shown a video about his attained great wisdom by an ex-student
Turkish colleague of mine (Burdji).
Mevlana (or Mowlana) as he is also known is famous for a couple of major things
among Muslims.

1. He used to be a great Persian Poet of his time
2. A great Persian Theologian
3. He was a Major figure in Sufism
5. He was a notable musician of his time
4. His Life inspired the creation of Sufi Dances (Whirling Dervishes).

Here is a nice video with quotes from various Sufi teachers including
Rumi Mevlana himself:

It’s interesting that even though from Christian perspective Rumi Mevlana
and Sufism in general is a Heretical teaching it’s teachings, are closer
and more closer to Christianity than Islam is.
Happy Watching.