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Complete guide to fix PulseAudio and video/audio VLC Media Player issues (F11_VLC_and_PulseAudio_Guide.pdf)

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

I’ve found a nice guide discussing some major common problem with pulseaudio and VLC,
sound and video streaming annoyances.
The guide was available only through
and in order to fetch it the user needs account in fedoraforum, that is incredibly annoying.
Originally the guide targetted Fedora and other RedHat based distributions, however most
of the information in the tutorial is pretty accurate on other distributions as well.
For instance I use Debian and almost everything described in the tutor is equivalent;
So, Here is download link to the F11_VLC_and_PulseAudio_Guide.pdf
I hope this mirror of F11_VLC_and_PulseAudio_Guide.pdf
would save some time and nerves needed for registration in in order to download the file

An absolutely must have installed packages to have a complete Ubuntu / Debian Desktop

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Every time after installing a plain new Debian or Ubuntu system, I feel ridiculous cause of the fact. That many of the programs I do use in my daily work with my pc ain’t there ready to use. In that manner of thoughts it’s really really irritating for me to try to memorize the whole list of programs I usually use not to mention that I hardly could remember the exact name of the packages containing the programs. Moreover it’s really irritating to type a hundred times
apt-cache search programname;
apt-get install programtoinstall;
.To make my daily life and hopefully my blog readers life easier I’ve decided to make a list of all the packages to install:
here is the one liner command required to install the whole heap of packages
$ apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly libxine1-ffmpeg vlc mozilla-plugin-vlc mplayer wifi-radar extremetuxracer powermanga supertux chromium kbedic transmission deluge alltray xine-ui dodgindiamond2 zblast-x11 blobwars briquolo kamefu blender inkscape gftp xchat k3b gnochm tecnoballz audacious audacity rezound opencubicplayer virtualbox gnomad2 kino grip xawtv cheese mozilla-helix-player abiword bgoffice-computer-terms sun-java-fonts sun-java6-jdk sun-java6-plugin sun-java6-source sun-java6-jre sun-java6-demo dia gajim mc dpkg-dev amsn elinks lynx iptraf sniffit ettercap wireshark bluefish thunderbird screenlets verse bible-kjv dict-easton gnomesword sword-text-kjv realplayer pidgin ncurses-dev cbedic awn-manager centerim-utf8 apachetop alsa-oss oss-compat iftop
For your convenience I’ve also prepared a small shell script I’ve called download here
Just in case if you’re wondering what exactly is the above package bundle installation good for.
Here is a few explanatory notes next to it:

mozilla-plugin-vlc – Allows mozilla to play in embeded player various video files

gftp – Gnome’s FTP client

xchat – IRC Gnome Chat program

cheese – A program to make pictures and suchalike

k3b – kde’s cd burner

kino – video editor

sun-java6-jdk, sun-java6-jre, sun-java6-plugin – allows you to run properly java applications on your Linux system both from the command line and in browser

screenlets – explained in my previous post here

wifi-radar – a gnome wifi detection and connection tool

cbedic – a bulgarian / english console dictionary I heavily use

dia – Diagram drawing software (handy to draw your for instance network diagrams)

kbedic – kde Bulgarian / English dictionary. To make it work properly you’ll need also the bedic data files, which could be downloaded here

verse, bible-kjv, gnomesword – This and the rest bible related packages are a nice packages I use to daily read and research the bible, since I’m an Orthodox Christian

vlc – Nowdays I’m changing in using vlc to watch videos since mplayer is getting more and more old fashioned and it’s behaviour is a bit disappointing sometimes

gnomechm – An app to read Microsoft’s CHM help file

grip – Program to RIP audio files

opencubicplayer – the good old Cubic Player we all enjoyed in MS-DOS and Novell DOS to play various XM, S3M, MOD, IT etc. files, it’s really nice that this version supports MP3 file format

audacity – An application to record sounds, supports songs sound reverse, for example you can use it to listen your mp3 files backwards, let’s say to check if a song contains a satanic message or not 🙂

dosbox – dos emulator to run old school dos games I love this one

inkscape – 2D vector design software

blender – 3D design software

gajim – might need that one in case if you intend to use Jabber

pidgin – the program I use as an ICQ, MSN client

transmission, deluge – nice bittorrent softwares

kompozer, bluefish – editors similar more or less to the famous dreamweaver. kompozer is more advanced and is much closer to dreamweaver

virtualbox – The Sun’s Virtual Machine substitute for VMWare, works okay maybe 20 or 30% slower than VMWare

rezound – again a nice sound editor, like audacity

xine – video player, most people who remember the times before few years should know it

amsn – MSN chat client

avant-window-navigator – A MacOS X like panel for the GNOME Desktop. Features a taskbar behaving similar to Mac OSX’s dock.
There is one drawback it doesn’t support the dock to be positioned anywhere except on the bottom of the screen
chromium, supertux, powermanga etc. – this and many of the rest are nice games I love to play every now and then when I get completely pissed off

Well that’s all for now. Hope this post would be interesting to somebody out there.