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Prodigy night and Spirit of Burgas 2012 – few impressions

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

The Prodigy Spirit of Burgas 2012 - How to steal a jet fighter latest prodigy album

As a kid I have been very big fan of The Prodigy. Prodigy were considered absolutely revolutionary style band in the 1995 – 2004 years. As an ex-big fan of the band and cause of the fact I happened to be near to Burgas I decided to attend their performance on August the 5-th.
Spirit of Burgas as every year happens on the beach of Burgas.

A large number of nice underground rock / punk / jazz / reggae etc. continuing for days is not so common on the balkans so Spirit of Burgas is quite a unique undeground music gathering …
Spirit of Burgas is taking place now for a 4-th year and starting to become an established Electronic, Dance, Metal feast here on Balkans.

Below is a list of all the bands that played on Spirit of Burgas 3 days feast this year;
Spirit of Burgas year 2012 bands agenda for 3 days list picture

The 1 night entrance fee was quite expensive 40 EUR, but for a famous band as Prodigy and the rest of bands bands playing on other beach scenes I guess the price was fair. The 3 days entrance fee worth it money much more though, for 3 days ticket the price was 60 EUR. The beer price too high; 1 beer price was 1.60 EUR. For a richer countries this prices are nothing and OK but for the low salaries in Bulgaria the beer price was killing.

Besides the high price, the only beer one can buy on the beach was Becks (taking me out the choice to buy another beer brand!). Everywhere around was those annoying writings on both billboards and video sceens B’ECKSPERIENCE, Jack Daniels, DSK Bank etc. Advertsiments should be but this was a bit over-stretched!….

Prodigy performance started about 10:30 on the so called Main Stage – a big scene facing the sea. Prodigy break out and enter, the scene right after a performance of modern punk band SUM 41

I don’t know the music works of SUM 41 that’s why I skipped most of their concert checking the other stages perf-s. On most of other stages mostly Bulgarian Punk / Rock / Alternative musicians were playing.
Prodigy’s scene break-up was done with some famous buzzling sounds known from their works, as you can see from the videos I post below.
The Stage was very over-crowded, according to some estimations the concert was attended by about 15 000 people ! ! !. Considering the decay in Prodigy popularity I guess this was quite a good number.
During The Prodigy‘s play all the other scenes were shut off in order to allow everybody to enjoy Prodigy.

I should admit, the music beats and ruffs were just great, but I didn’t liked the vox messages “Keith Flinth”, was spreading; Saying some iditic phrases like:

Where is my People?, My Prodigy People, My Voodoo People and plenty of other non-sense

As a Christian I know pretty well Prodigy’s music message is not in consonance in Christianity and hence I didn’t liked to be associated as a “prodigy person”, cause I don’t want to be associated with people who preach evil. Something else, showing off the low prodigy vocal culture was his frequent use of the F*CK word, which btw was probably the most used word by almost every musician playing on every scene all night long…

The scene lightning was rich but not bright, enough to clearly distinguish what is happening on the scene.
On the back stage, there was the name of latest prodigy album – How To Steal a Jet Fighter with a background of an old jet fighter plane.

Prodigy Vocalist Keith Flinth on main stage spirit of burgas 2012

The group scene performance was quite aggressive as always, actually probably it is the primitive behavior of the band and the primitiveness in music that attracts the crowds. People nowadays are too much civilized that the wild primitive deep in us is something we hardly miss as ppl.

The Prodigy in the beginning @ Spirit of Burgas 04.08.2012

The Prodigy – Breathe, Live @ Spirit of Burgas 2012

Prodigy Spirit of Burgas 2012 Black Sea Party Zone 1

The Prodigy Spirit of Burgas 2012 Black Sea Party Zone 2

Prodigy Spirit of Burgas 2012 Black Sea Party Zone 3

Prodigy Spirit of Burgas 2012 Black Sea Party Zone 4

Prodigy Spirit of Burgas 2012 Black Sea Party Zone 5

Prodigy Spirit of Burgas 2012 Black Sea Party Zone 6

Prodigy Spirit of Burgas 2012 Black Sea Party Zone 7

Prodigy Spirit of Burgas 2012 Black Sea Party Zone 8

The Prodigy – Spirit of Burgas 2012 Black Sea Party Zone 9

Prodigy Spirit of Burgas 2012 Black Sea Party Zone 10

By the way during the concert all around the scene, there was massive marijuana smoke (not to say fog 🙂 ). Probably kilos of “Mara” (as smokers call it for short in BG) was smoken by fans during the 1.15 mins group performance.
As a result, many of the ruffling fans were in a tranced “Nirvana” state 🙂
Something, I’ve noticed is the quality of Prodigy performance, has severely fallen if compared to old concerts of the band period 1999 – 2002.
One moment in the concert was really pissing off for me, when Keith Flinth instructed the public to GET DOWN, saying something like:

Now everybody GET DOWN, I SAID GET DOWN – the sheep fans just followed the ORDER squatting; This was pure “MIND CONTROL” – almost everyone squatted unquestionably.
A girl behind me tried to push me down, to make me kneel down as I refused to squat 🙂
I told her that “I don’t follow orders, jokingly and didn’t squatted 🙂

This squatting from Christian position looked like exactly like worshipping Prodigy as [ idol (God) substitute ] …
The concert end up in a very stupid way; there was no encore performance, not even introduction of the band members to the people and even a no simply BYE to the fans. They just shut off and went away silently like a beaten dogs 🙂

Following the end of Prodigy performance on the neighbor Stage, the “legendary” Bulgarian Punk / Rock old-school band KONTROL was playing. I had great fun with KONTROL as I used to be very much loving the band back in my metal years 🙂 KONTROL’s performance was just great, but unfortunately the scene lightning was again shit and the big Video Screens was switched off so I could see the band hardly. After KONTROL’s end up another hard-core Bulgarian band jumped the scene (PIRANNHA). This guys, were completely funny and i really disliked them as they were heavily copying Venom, even their logo was copied from Venom’s Goat Pentagram (the band mascot was a Satanic Pentagram on wheels (complete iditiosm) :D)
The vocal were cursing themselves, screaming funnily “F*CK PIRANNHA, F*CK PIRANNHA !” 🙂

Spirit of Burgas was supposed to close about 5 in the morning, but I was too busy and I left in 2:45, spending few minutes listening to some kind of nice sounding Drum and Bass DJ playing on the main stage.

Manowar in Kavarna

Monday, July 2nd, 2007

Everything actually started in Friday. Friday I was on a Webtech in Varna in the Technical University.This is the second Webtech conference made in Varna. I was on the lectures until dinner. Firstwe went with Nomen, Niki and Dancho to the TU University, and we lost some time searching for theroom after that we found the room where the lectures were going to be. We entered in the endingpart of the first introductionary lecture about webtech. After this there was a lecture forperl Catalyst, which was quite interesting btw after that a lecture for expect (hackman has leaded the lecture).After that we went to drink a coffee and I found out I have lost my wallet. I get mad because I thoughtwell God I try to be good to others to give to the poor etc. etc. and in return I loose 42 lv. I spendthe other part of the day staying alone on a bench outside the university and thinking about the humanexistence, after that I went home very disappointed and angry. Stelio a friend who is has led me to the Orthodox Christianianity. Called and I invited him to be my guest, we had a great time togetherdiscussing the human existence. The next day I wake up early and I was feeling awful, meaninglesslost. Nomen called and said there are on the 2nd day on the lectures of webtech conference againand that my wallet has been found with 42 lv. and my ID card in it. I PRAISED THE LORD! It wasquite a joyful for me. On the next day I decided I would go to the Manowar concert in Kavarnaand I bought the ticket from Amridikon. The concert was interesting as a whole but I realizedI’m not into metal music anymore. After that Nomen came and take me from Kavarna with a car andwe went to Tulenovo’s rocks awaiting the July Morning with some other friends (Sami, Toto, Iasho, Gegi etc.).The rocks were very beautiful and the sea’s view is great. We baked some meet and ate. In the morning, there was a Metal July. (Toto, Sami and Iasho banged there heads on Sepultura’s Roots Bloody Rootsand Territory. After that we made a sort of excursion in the Village of Tulenovo and around it around the rocks.We then moved to Balchik to leave one of the girls with us on the station to take a bus for her working place.And in the end we come back to Dobrich in 10. I was tired as hell. And sleep until 3. I then attended the Orthodox Church st. Georgi to pray to God. Later I bought some vegetables and fruits fromthe open market for my Grandma. And went to her home to give her the products. After that I saw lily on a coffee.And in the late afternood we had a walk with Nomen into the central park. Nomen suggested that it would be cool to drink beer in hishouse and to watch the film (Die Young 3) and that’s exactly what we did. This few days was quite a colorful It’s God behind thisstarting to answer my prayers slowly but surely. Thanks God for giving me all thiswonderful moments :]END—–

Night in a tent in Kavarna and the Topola Beach

Monday, July 7th, 2008

Saturday evening I and a group of friends went to Kavarna. I met some oldschool friends there like Zornica (Blacksun), and one of the twins(Ivailo). Ivailo is studying philophy and most likely believes that phisophy serves a good purpose.In general I spend something like 3 hours in a non sense talk on the topic of my faith in Christ. He tried to mock my faith and tried to make me incompetent not well educated etc. etc., anyways I don’t much care of this because my Savior Lives and what God has done and is continuing to do for me is very real.So in general The night was a sort of waste of time. After having a distant walk from Kavarna beach where our tent was established to the Kavarna Stadium where all the rock’n roll buzz was happening.There was a tons of metal heads around the town of Kavarna, most of themdrunkards or on a way to get dead drunk lost in the lie that the metal philosophy presents, something in which I was a prisoner for a very long time. The happening which gathered all of them there is the Rock concert of Manowar. This is thesecond time Manowar are playing in Kavarna and I think the 3rd time they play in Bulgaria. I didn’t bought a ticket because of the highprice and my unwilling to listen to Manowar for a second year. The previous year I was on there concert and I was happy with it except I nomore I’m a real fan of Manowar since there band phisophy and preaching is hypocritic. I was happy to see that ex-girlfriend from my past Zornica,because it’s pretty probably that I won’t see her for a long time since there is a probability to go to study in the Netherlands in August, I should say that she is from the most beautiful girls I’ve seen in my life and for a moment I did fall in a sort of despair I was not able to keep her as a girlfriend long time ago. Happily thanks to God all this satanic temptation went away. When I came back to the Kavarna beach the friends there had already made a fire and was grilling some meat. I ate more than I usually had appetite for since there was a lot of food. Later I had a small walk around the Kavarna quay I prayed a bit during my walk there and afterwards came back to the fire camp but was too tired and it was pretty early in the morning (3:34) so I went to the tent where Nomen (Mitko) was already sleeping for 2 hours and went to sleep. I woke up a lot of times during the night and I remember the last time I woke up somewhere around 7:30. The day before I was thinking that I would like to go to a Church service just I do every Sunday and after I tried to fall in a sleep again unsuccesful and realizing I can’t because I felt cold and pain in my lower back so I stand up and decided to go to the Church in Kavarna for a Liturgy, A month ago I met father Vasilij there by the way is one of the most gentle priests I have seen in my life. The church service was just perfect. I think the people in that Church was a way more sincere comparing to the Chuch I usually attend here in Dobrich. What impressed me was that I was able to understand almost 100% percent of what the priest said something I usually can’t in the othor orthodox Churches where I’ve been on a Liturgy. The other thing that was I think great was that the service continued until 10:40 which is 30 minutes more comparing to the normal Church services I have attended before. Another thing that impressed me was the woman on the clergy they sang songs which glorified our Lord 🙂 Another thing that make sense to meis that the priest personally was giving the blessed communion (in the st. George I usually attend the communion is left alone and every could take of it), the priest also required to know my name :). Another thing was the incense odour it was smelling different from the one I’ve smelled before. The preach of the father was also very nice, the only word that describes it is the word “simple”. After the liturgy, Nomen calledand we said they’re already in Kavarna and are going to have a coffee. We went for a coffee and after that we decided to go to Topola Beach. Topola beach is a pleasent beach located near a village close to Kavarna. I didn’t know that there were plans to have a beach I thought we’re going only for one night. Happily Mitko (Metallicata) had his old bathing trunks with him and they fitted me. The beach experience was fine in general. At a point I and mitko decided to go to the small wood where one of the cars was perked and we spend some time there listening to music (Disco from the ’90s 🙂 and relaxing, we had to do this etherwise we would have bad sun burns which eventually were going to lead us to a painful burn condition at least for at least few days. On our way back to Dobrich both the drivers drived like a suiciders not following the road signs, getting ahead of other cars on a dangerous places etc. etc. I should thank God that he bring us home alive :)END—–

A train trip to Sofia, My stay there and Down and Metallica’s concert

Monday, July 28th, 2008

My trip to Sofia started at 10:05 at Thursday with a train. It took me around 8 hours 30 minutes to arrive there.The reason I traveled to Sofia was the Metallica concert which was going to happen at Friday night. It seemedthat few other old friends were traveling to Sofia so we traveled in one compartment. I wasn’t able to sleep muchonly 2 or maximum 3 hours. The last time I traveled to sofia was 6 years ago so this long journey was somethingI haven’t done from a long time. Thanks to God the journey was “flawless”, we arrived whole. It seemed thattwo of the guys traveling with me (Toto and Neicho) had some engagements so I had to stay with the other twoguys (The so called “Lurch” and Miro – who is a reporter in a radio here in Dobrich ). Miro had to meet anold school friend from his military service. It happened that this guy was pretty cool. When we met themafter we spend some time wondering what are the plans for the day I proposed to go to the Sofia city Zoo aftera bit of arguing against all of the guys accepted the idea so we asked few people which tram we had to takein order to go to the Zoo. After finding out we needed number 9 we took that tram and traveled across the “Borisov’s garden” which is a sort of Sofia’s central park. We had to get down at one of the bus stationsbecause Vladimir (The Miro’s friend) had to use bathroom in urgency cause he had upset digestion. After hedrop the shit :). We took another tram and went to the station we had to get out and walk to the Zoo.First we went with Vladimir to take him some medicine against his upset digest, after which we walked aroundtwo bus stations before we arrived to the Zoo. The Zoo’s animals were awesome although the animals are a prisoners ..The animals we observed were Jaguars, Owls, hippopotamus, tigers, parrots, bears, rhinos, monkeys, turtles,ostrichs and many many more. After that we were hungry so we went to the Sofia Student City. And we saton a place called “Krivoto”, after seeing the high prices there we decided we won’t eat there and stayedonly for a drink there. After which we went to a place called “Dzhumajata” where we ate cheap pastrys and snacks.Speaking about cheap stuff I should say I noticed that the prices in Sofia are a way more expensive comparingto the prices in most of the towns and citys. After we had our lunch we took a bus and traveled to the Boris’sGarden to a place pretty near to the stadium where the Metallica concert was going to happen. The weatherwas terrible at the beginning it was raining then it was shiny afterwards it was rainy, sunshine and rain changedfor a few times during the day and as a whole the time was pretty unsteady. We were there near the stadiumat 1 o’clock in the afternoon so we had a lot of time to loose, most of the people who were already therewere young uncivilized metalheads who were a pretty disgusting picture. Until maybe 3 o’clock most of the guysI’ve saw was in the age interval 14-16 years old which make me feel like like I’m in the kinder garden. This guys were drinking screaming unhumanly. Yes 9 years ago when I was on the Metallica’s concert in PlovdivI know I was looking probably pretty similar to that guys but still I hated that. At a point I was so disgustedfrom the metal culture and the young metalheads that I wanted no more to attend the concert I was thinking ofselling my ticket and going for a walk with Nomen. In the end I decided I won’t sell my ticket and willenter the concert. It seemed I entered late and the concert has already started because I wasn’t able to listento the warm up band called “The Sword”, when I entered I came just on time for “Down” band performance.I have to say I wasn’t impressed I never listened this band seriously but as far as I am an ex-Pantera fanI expected more from (Pantera’s frontman) Phil Anselmo. From I’ve heard I personally think he can’t sing at all.Most of the public around me seemed like they aren’t enjoying Down too. Next an 50 minutes or so after DownMetallica went on stage heating the audience to red with Creeping Death and a bunch of other fromtheir all well known songs from Kill’em All, Ride the Ligthning, Master of Puppets, And Justice for All andThe Black Album. The only song thay played from an album after year ’91 was Fuel which is one of the best songs from their carreer after ’91. The sound quality was pretty good and as a whole Metallica performancewas so good that it seemed they’re performing on a playback. This is the good things I may say, the bad thingsare I realized a lot of their things are devilish and inspired by the devil himself. Also I examined in theirattitude and their stage behaviour this guys have completely gone insane. They acted like Metallica is some kindof God who they feed. From a believers perspective I can say Metallica as a band became an idol to the band members.An idol which is their God. I really hate that and at a point I wanted that the concert be done as soon as possible.After the concert I went out from one of the stadium exits, and tried to find the place where we were with the guysbefore the concert but I got lost, and decided to call to Nomen and tell him I’m going to his place because i didn’thave much of a thing to do, I had to call Vlado (Hellpain) afther the concert but there were some problems withthe GSM networks exactly then so I wasn’t able to find him right then. I was walking in a streets at Sofia havingno idea where I am going. I was searching for a cheaper I can take to Nomen’s quarter (Dyrvenica). Luckily I meta friends from Dobrich who were in Sofia for many years and asked them which taxi to take in order to save some money.The suggested I should take a taxi called from the taxis “1 euro” and told me in which street it’s more probableto find such a taxi. One of this taxis i’ve saw was taken right before me, so I was walking and searching for another taxiat this point I was very tired. I prayed Jesus to help me earlier because I felt a kind of totally lost in Sofiaand I really wanted not to spend much money for a taxi. And the prayer was answered like always Hellpain called to meand asked where I’m, I told him I have absolutely no idea where I am and asked him if it’s a problem for himto drive me to Dyrvenica, he said: “it’s not a problem because they’re pass by this quarter anyways.I had to call him 4 or 5 times before I was able to find the stadium where he was waiting for me. They took me and bring me to dyrvenica,then Nomen took me from the bus station and after we went to the shop to take something for eating, we ate spaghetti talked a bitand went to bed. At the next day after I woke up I have awaken him too and we went to Djumayata to have a breakfast.After that we went to the center and “by chance” although no chances at this life, Nasko (with which we were a colleagues at “”,called to hear me how I am and I told him I’m in Sofia. He suggested that we may see each other and we did 2 hours later or so.Before that we had a coffee to a coffeterea very close to the Sofia’s university. Right before that we walked around the National Assembly,and we went to the Largest Church in Sofia, “St. Alexander Nevski”. The church is beatiful and big and has much lessorthodox icons than the one hear in Dobrich. Later when we met Nasko infront of Sofia’s University we went to a place called”Krivoto” which is right next to the Sofia’s university. The prices there again were pretty high. After that we wentto the Sofia’s mall where we went to IMAX (3d cinema). We watched a film Nascar their which is a sort of documentary filmfor the nascar racings which happen in america. Watching cinema in 3d is pretty awesome althought it tires your brain a lot.In order to see in 3d, when you enter the cinema a personal provides you with special glasses which make the films projected in 3d.After that we went to Student City again where we met vlado we ate a burgers with Nomen, after which we went to the Djumaya again.There are 2 Djumaya’s one is for fast food the other one is like a restaurant and a sort of pub in one. This time we went to the restaurant/pub. We drinked beer with fried potates and went to Mitko’s place again where we watched an English comedy called “The Black Adder”. At the nextday after we woke up we went to a monestery pretty close to the Dyrvenica’s quarter “Dyrvenishki Monestery”. There I asked the priestto bless two crosses I bought the day before from Alexander Nevski and he blessed them with a holy water in the name of “The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit). After that we went back to the center in Sofia and called to see Nasko. Together we went to a place where we ate pretty cheap pizzas this was located very near to a park. The interesting thing about the park was that it was a free wifi zone. Too bad nobodywas with his laptop :). We had to meet toto their and we sat to a coffeeteria. After the coffe we tried to kill some time at the parkwatching the fountains and talking about stuff. At 5 o’clock we went around the Sofia’s Theather which I think is a sort of national theater.After that we had another cheap pizza to a place near the NDK building. I and nasko walked around NDK. Something really good that I rememberI saw the day before was a Russian Orthodox Church we went in it only for few minutes and there was some sort of liturgy or so happening,so we went out. I also saw quiet a lot of other interesting buildings and places which right now I cannot say by name cause I don’tremember the name. At 8 o’clock we took a bus to the train station. We bought tickets and we catched the train back to Dobrich. At the train a guy I didn’t know started talking with me, I introduced myself to him and he to me. And very fast we became a friends. He is called “Bagryian” and is a machine engineer on a ship, he is right now graduating at the Naval school in Varna. It seemed he also was from Tyrgovishte and he knew Nasko the guy with whom we spend our day and the day before 🙂 Accidence Huh? The guy told me he is coming back from a sailing courseto Malta. It seemed he is a interested into wireless cracking and security as a whole at the same time he is a “stopper” geek (not sure about the term but basicly he enjoys to stop random cars to bring him from a destination to another destination. He was also interested into security in general although he is not so deeply into computing, he explained me some interesting stuff about wireless technology. He made and embededan external antena to his laptop wireless in order to make it catch more wifi-networks. Also He showed me his gps and gsm with the “tomtom” software which indicated our location when we were moving with the train and also our speed we travel with. He was a pretty interesting buddy. Luckily my travel to Dobrich was incident free and now I’m home blogging 🙂 Bagryan mentioned he owns a website about tech stuff called . Also he told me that the stop guys have gatherings just like the rockers gatherings and he mentioned the official site for the stopper guys in Bulgaria. Check it out .END—–